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The Sony MDR-1000Xs is a great wireless and noise canceling headphone

The wireless headphone field is not an easy market. Customers will definitely have hard times searching for the perfect model.

As we know, the perfect headphone model is the one that offers wireless and noise canceling features in the same model.

Until now, Bose was recognized as being the perfect manufacturer who has the knowledge of making this kind of model. But, that is not entirely true, because Sony is another company that has the power to create excellent models.

Awarded 5 Stars Sony MDR-1000Xs are one of the best noise-canceling headphones
Today, we are talking about the new 1000x model. This is the perfect example of what Sony is capable of creating. During the years, Sony had some ups and downs on the headphone market.

This company made some incredible models, but there were times when its headphones didn’t win customers' trust.

But, this changes today with the new MDR-1000X headphone. This model definitely shows the company’s engineering skill at its finest.

This model will be people’s most favorite noise canceling headphone. But, users should also know that this new model doesn’t come cheap at all. Customers will have to pay 400 dollars in order to buy the new MDR-1000x model.

However, for this price, Sony delivers a combination of wireless convenience, effortless comfort, long-running battery life and incredible sound quality.

With this new model, Sony granted people’s wish. We are talking about having a headphone that is worth being called the best in its category.

When we speak about this new headphone model, we speak about convenience. This is the perfect headphone for people who want to go out.

The new Sony 1000Xs is very simply to deploy, because there is no cable to untangle, and it is portable and light.

The company declared that people will be able to wear this model for several hours without feeling any discomfort.

Moreover, when users are done listening to music, this model will collapse down into its semi-rigid carrying case.

But, let’s talk about the main attraction here, the noise-canceling feature. First of all, who is noise canceling for? Well, during these years, this planet has grown noisier and technology has gotten better.

So, people need a perfect headphone that has the ability to isolate the external noise and prevent it from interfering with what people are listening into their headphone, or with their phone calls.

At this moment, Bose remains the premier brand in this field, but others, like Sony, B&O, and AKG, are offering some great alternatives.

As for design, we must say that there is nothing special about it. The new Sony 1000Xs comes with mostly plastic construction.

This model features a pair of very comfortable faux leather pads and a few thin metal elements in purpose to provide structure.

However, people should know that this model’s plastics are of a high quality, and it is superior to the Beats Solo 3s. In the end, we must say that the company claims that this new model can go up to 20 hours of active battery life. This is over the course of regular use at home and on the move.
The Sony MDR-1000Xs is a great wireless and noise canceling headphone Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 2:02 PM Rating: 5
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