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TomTom Adventurer Smartwatch review:: Fitness watch with GPS Feature

Sports watch makers have started to add more and more features into their newest models. This time, TomTom comes with a new model, which is called the Adventurer, and promises to deliver even more features than its predecessors.

As we notice, sports watch makers have started to add 24/7 activity and sleep tracking to their newest devices. This move is a very smart one, because it adds more value to devices that have been in demand for several years.

But, there is also a catch here, because not everyone always reaches this execution. This remark is also available for TomTom’s newest sport watch. The new Adventurer is available at the price of 349 dollars.

After the release of this new watch, we must say that TomTom should have stopped at just offering a good running watch.

The TomTom Adventurer smartwatch Fitness with GPS function

MONITOR YOUR HEART RATE STRAIGHT FROM YOUR WRIST Feel the freedom of tracking your pulse without a chest strap. The built-in heart rate monitor means you can say goodbye to cumbersome bands and chafing.

So, if the company would have stopped at just adding 3GB of onboard music storage, some great outdoor hiking features and a reliable heart rate monitor, we would have said that the new Adventurer is great.

But, the company also added step counting and sleep tracking, which means that this new sports watch should be worn all day.

Here is the thing, because this sports watch has a design that doesn’t live up to that expectation. As we see, the new TomTom Adventurer is heavy and the design is not meant for an everyday use.

The new TomTom Adventurer is a watch that is perfect for tracking runs, hikes, and other activities, but not to be worn all day.

For continuous wear, we must say that there are other fitness trackers that are more comfortable and slimmer. So, let’s go to the design.

TomTom Adventurer active smartwatch great for Fitness and heart monitoring

Add a soundtrack to your adventures with the built-in music player that can store over 500 songs. That's 3GB of music wrapped around your wrist.

As already mentioned, the new TomTom Adventurer is heavy, chunky, and laden with hard plastic. Moreover, this new sports watch looks like a classic typical running watch.

So, like its predecessors, for example the Spark 3 and Multi-Sport, we must say that the new model comes with a large display and square button situated beneath. This button has two important purposes.

The first one is that it is pressure sensitive, which means that people will able to operate it even when they are wearing gloves.

Secondly, the GPS receiver is hidden behind it, which means that it is pointing towards the sky when people’s arms are in running position.

Furthermore, the new smart watch comes in all black and a black and orange strap. This strap comes with a classic double-pronged closure and fits wrists that are 5.0 to 8.0 inches. As for the battery life, we must say that it is really good.

But, people should also consider the fact that its battery life varies tremendously depending on what aspects this watch is used for. For example, if people are using music, GPS, and the optical heart rate monitor, the battery is drawn in about five hours.

But, people who will use the new TomTom Adventurer just for daily activity tracking and watch mode, should now that the battery can go up to approximately 11 hours of use.
TomTom Adventurer Smartwatch review:: Fitness watch with GPS Feature Reviewed by John Colston on 3:31 PM Rating: 5
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