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Withings Steel HR: Activity Tracking And Heart Rate Monitoring

Withings’ new watch is dedicated to people who are searching for an everyday smartwatch. We present you the new Steel HR.

This new device is a smart-ish watch, plus a fitness tracker. These are two simple features that seem to be enough for a device like this.

The battery life is really great, and people will also be able to track activities and heart rate. So, people who like the idea of a fitness tracker that works and looks like a normal watch, should check out the new Withings Steel HR.

Withings Steel HR - Withings' stylish, heart rate monitoring wearable.

Watch your heart.
Style your health.

However, this doesn’t mean that this smart watch is alone on this niche market, because there are lots of options.

For example, the Garmin has some incredible alternatives, and Fossil as well. Many other manufacturers have similar products that are able to track steps and log sleep with an onboard accelerometer.

Even if the new Withings Steel HR is relatively simple, we must say that it can be very effective.

The advantage of Withings is that it was one of the first companies on the market that made these kind of smart watches.

We are talking about devices that look very similar with a normal wrist watch, but can also do some tracking and send notifications to smartphones via an app.

The first smartwatch that the company has released on the market and that is similar with the new Steel HR, is the Activite. Since the release, the company has been bought by Nokia, but the watch products are still similar.

The new Withings Steel HR is available at the price of 180 dollars.

But, it can also go higher than this, if customers are willing to add optical heart rate tracking or a small circular LED display onto its regular-looking watch design.

Withings Steel HR - Activity Tracking Watch with Heart Rate Monitoring
We must say that the new Withings Steel HR is very classy and it comes in two options.

The first option is a 36mm black model, while the other one is bigger, measuring 40mm, featuring a larger bezel.

We must also say that the bigger model costs approximately 200 dollars.

The new LED feature is able to show step count, users’ heart rate, distance, and time and date. We also must add that when the side button is pressed and held, a timed workout mode stopwatch also shows continuous heart rate.

This new watch has the ability to track sleep, steps and heart rate automatically, which is great, because people will not be forced anymore to enable the feature when they run or sleep.

Another great thing is that the company added a track swimming feature.

However, the new Withings Steel HR also has some weaknesses. For example, the heart rate feature is not as good as it should be.

Accuracy is not good, because sometimes users will see that their heart rate is significantly lower than it should normally be.

As for the best part, we must say that the battery life is incredible. The company claims that it can go up to three weeks. The new Withings Steel HR is using a rechargeable battery instead of a replaceable battery.
Withings Steel HR: Activity Tracking And Heart Rate Monitoring Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 4:28 PM Rating: 5
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