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Xiaomi has released the new MI5S Plus

Xiaomi comes with a new winner device on the market. We are talking about the new MI5S Plus.
Customers who decided to search for a new massive smartphone and are looking for those with cools dual-lens cameras are definitely in trouble, because there is a huge number of options.

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus smartphone with 4k resolution and dual sim

There are high-end manufacturers, like Apple, Huawei and Samsung that are already on everyone’s list, but what about Xiaomi? 

Everyone should know that Xiaomi is a manufacturer that needs to be included on a customer’s list when willing to buy a new smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus Full phone specifications
For example, the new MI5S Plus is a very strong performer when we look on the specs because it homes a dual-lens camera and it has other important features. As for the price, we must say that it fits in the same category as other impressive phones, like ZTE and OnePlus.

The new Xiaomi Mi5S Plus is available at the price of 429 dollars, which is a very affordable price.

However, Xiaomi doesn’t have a really easy life, because OnePlus and ZTE have managed to build important smartphones that could be considered real competitors for other manufacturers, including Xiaomi.

So, can the dual-lens camera be a great attraction for clients? 

Well, we can say that customers will be very happy with this new device and the price is very convenient.

Moving to the design, Xiaomi is recognized as making great-looking phones.

Moreover, the company is trying to stick closely to an established theme with every phone that it has released on the market.

The new Xiaomi Mi5S Plus is very similar to the Redmi Pro, which is known as the last Xiaomi phone.

Moreover, this new device is approximately the same size as the iPhone 7 Plus, but it homes a 5.7-inch screen, which means that it has a compact shape.

To be added that the new MI5S Plus’ body measures 8mm thick, which looks really great. 

Xiaomi Mi 5s Mi5s Plus 5.7 inch Dual Camera 6GB RAM 128GB
Moreover, the extra thickness is effectively disguised by the curved metal sides, which means that it is very comfortable to hold. There is a fingerprint sensor situated on the back under the dual-lens cameras.

The fingerprint sensor is very easy to find when picking up the phone and very responsive as well. This feature is used for locking the phone, but also for secure apps and to activate a child mode.

Moving to the build quality, we must say that it is not quite up there with other competitors on the market. The rear panel has a slight flex to it when pushed, but it is not a serious thing.

 However, this is a minus, especially for customers who are willing to have their smartphones feel solid.

In the end, we must say that the biggest selling point of the new Xiaomi Mi5S Plus are the dual-lens cameras.

The company added two 13-megapixel camera lenses, which work together to take higher-quality pictures, mixing together results from the two lenses.

 It is not as good as other phones, for example the Huawei Mate 9 or iPhones 7 Plus, but it makes great photos that customers will definitely love.
Xiaomi has released the new MI5S Plus Reviewed by John Colston on 9:18 AM Rating: 5
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