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The new HTC U Ultra : “Liquid Surface” Contorted Into a 3D Shape

This new HTC model comes with lots of innovation. But, the question is: Is it enough to beat the competition? Well, let’s find out.

HTC is known as a company that is in an almost constant state of transition. This company is one of the first that managed to release a smartphone from a single block of aluminum.

Moreover, HTC was the first company that released a device with a firm at the forefront of audio engineering with its BoomSound sound system. However, these things are in the past and the technology evolves constantly.

HTC U Ultra smartphone phablet phone premium option
These days, HTC is coming with a new device, called the U Ultra. This new smartphone is a premium option in the company’s new “U” lineup.

At the “U” lineup, HTC ditched metal for glass. 

Moreover, the new HTC U Ultra comes with a second screen that is meant to put timely reminders front and center, and a powered assistant that has the mission to predict what users need before they actually need it.

This screen is very minimalist, and it looks great from every angle.

So, this means that HTC did not fail with this new innovation. With the new HTC U Ultra, the company tries to get back in the front with its devices. But, we must say that this new smartphone is not as good as it should be.

But, this doesn’t mean that this phone is the worst, either. The new HTC U Ultra is the shiniest device that has ever been made.

We are not joking. This phone comes with a glass back cover, which the company claims to be a “liquid surface,” and contorted into a 3D shape. 

The back is reflective enough for people to use it as a mirror. Of course, being so shiny, it is not a surprise to be a fingerprint magnet, as well. This means that oily stains show up as obviously on the phone’s body.

Moving forward, we see that the company has decided to add the phone’s fingerprint sensor on the front rather than the rear.

The fingerprint sensor is placed between two touch-sensitive navigation buttons. Users will find the power button placed on the right-hand edge. This phone comes with a 5.7-inch Quad HD Super LCD 5 screen protected by Gorilla Glass 5.

The screen boasts the same resolution as ZTE’S Axon 7 and Lenovo’s Moto Z Force. This means that the text looks crisp, YouTube videos are amazing, and pictures look bright. 

As many other HTC devices, this new phone also comes with a stereo sound system that the company has declared that it delivers better sound than the competition. This phone comes with HTC’s BoomSound technology, which is known as a label that is used to refer to stereo speakers with amazing bass.

These twin speakers are placed one in the earpiece and one near the bottom of the phone. The maximum sound is louder and it seems that it does sound better than any other phone on the market.
The new HTC U Ultra : “Liquid Surface” Contorted Into a 3D Shape Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 3/24/2017 04:56:00 PM Rating: 5

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