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The new Emotiva Airmotiv T1 offers amazing performance and value

Emotiva Airmotiv T1 Loudspeakers: Music Runs in the Family.
Today, we are talking about a renaissance for budget home-theater components. As we know, entry-level gear is really amazing these days.

So, customers will be able to buy some great sound for little money from companies like Fluance, Elac America and Emotiva.

Elac is without a doubt one of the most valuable speakers on the market, but customers have also been impressed by what they saw at Emotiva.

The company’s Airmotiv 4 was considered to be the best near-field/desktop speaker for the money. Moreover, its electronics are something that are worth be taken under consideration.

These days, Emotiva came with a new product on the market, called the Airmotiv T1 tower speaker.

This model has that big-speaker sound that kicks over smaller models, and it offers an affordable price. However, there are many other competitors on the market, for example the Elac Uni-Fi UF5, which is far better, but it also costs 300 dollars more.

So, for customers who are in search for a cheaper model, but also want a powerful sound, we must say that the new Emotiva Airmotiv T1 is the right choice. This new speaker model is available at the price of 700 dollars, which is a decent price, having under consideration what it has to offer.

Let’s move to the design. One thing is sure here. The new Emotiva Airmotiv T1 looks amazing. This speaker model looks like it means business.

This speaker comes with sharp angles and an amazing black color scheme. We must say that the speakers will definitely look great near an Alienware Alpha PC and a Netgear AC1900 router.

The towers are similar with the previous model, the B1/AirMotiv 5S, and measure 38 x 8.5 x 12 inches. Moreover, these speakers home a folded ribbon tweeter, which is a folded piece of metal that squeezes out high frequencies.
Emotiva Airmotiv T1 quality speakers with great performance

We also must say that the new Emotiva Airmotiv T1 comes with two extra 6-inch woven fiber woofers. The company claims that these speakers have a frequency response of 37Hz – 28kHz, are reasonably sensitive at 88 dB, and have a nominal impedance of 4 ohms.

Moving to the performance, we must say that the new Emotiva Airmotiv T1 model sounds incredibly loud and it has attitude. Without a doubt that these speakers are dynamic and alive.

But, customers should also know that the secret here is what amplifier they will use with these new speakers.

For example, the Oppo BDP-105 Blu-ray payer or the Rotel RA-1592 stereo integrated amplifier are some of the best for a great audio test.

Another interesting thing to know is that there is a big round bass power placed on the speaker’s backside, which means that users will have to leave some space away from the rear or side walls if they want to have a great sound experience.

So, in conclusion, customers who like different things should know that the new Emotiva Airmotiv T1 is one of the most recommended models out there on the market.
The new Emotiva Airmotiv T1 offers amazing performance and value Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 5:19 AM Rating: 5
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