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Emporio Armani Men EA Connected: 2017 Collection Review

These days, Emporio Armani has unveiled its new EA Connected watch. This new device is a fashionable, contemporary timepiece with enough tech inside to satisfy its customers.

The new Emporio Armani EA Connected is both amazing and a curse. First of all, this new timepiece is amazing because it offers users the chance to enjoy a smart watch with traditional design and look.

On the other side, this device is a curse because it offers every brand the chance to augment its range with a fashionable smart product.

However, it is a surprise to see that Emporio Armani has decided to put its name on a smart watch.

Emporio Armani Men EA Connected new hybrid 2017 smartwatch review
As we mentioned, this new device is called the EA Connected Watch, and it offers great features and an amazing design. But, customers will probably ask if the new Emporio Armani EA Connected is just a cash-in device or it really offers some great features.

First of all, we must say that the new Emporio Armani EA Connected looks amazing. As we know, Armani is well known for its fashionable clothes that can go either way: wonderful, super-stylish, flattering cuts on one side, or bizarre catwalk styles touch, and massive logos.

Are you looking for Emporio Armani Men EA CONNECTED WATCHES

Armani Men EA Connected automatically tracks and monitors sleep and activity, allows you to set up subtle filtered notifications, and connects to your smartphone’s music to start, stop, skip, or go back with the simple press of a button.

Luckily for customers, the new Emporio Armani EA Connected has chosen to be in the first category. We are talking about a super-stylish and wonderful colors watch.

This device seems to be suitable for everyone to wear, regardless of their look. Well, anyone who doesn’t choose to wear a sport outfit.

This new smart watch is made from stainless steel and has a stainless steel metal bracelet. The entire watch is in stealthy matte black.

The new Emporio Armani EA Connected does an excellent impression of a smart watch coming at a high price. This device is available at the price of 295 dollars, which is a significant cost for smart watch buyers.

Customers will see that the Armani logo is situated at the 12 o’clock mark on the dial, and the Emporio Armani branding is added underneath it. However, people should know that these logos will not pop-up in their face and will not cover the entire watch face.

The numbers are made out of shiny lines, the slim hands are chromed, and there is just a single sub-eye that shows further information. Moreover, there are three buttons situated on the side of the body.

It is important to know that the new Emporio Armani EA Connected is not a sport watch, which means that people should not expect to rotate the bezel. This watch comes with the same layout and operation employed by Fossil.

As we know, last year, Fossil also launched a smart watch.

So, it is not a surprise that the new Emporio Armani EA Connected shares the same features and the same operating method as the Fossil Q watch. As we mentioned earlier, this new watch comes with three buttons situated on the side of the body. These buttons can be used as a shutter release for the camera, or to control music playback.
Emporio Armani Men EA Connected: 2017 Collection Review Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 1:15 PM Rating: 5
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