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The new Endless Mission One is a great tiny desktop

This tiny desktop comes with a great design, killer price and a high number of preinstalled software.
Tiny and cheap desktops have started to gain more and more attention on the market.

Buying a cheap desktop PC doesn’t mean that people will get stuck with a little box that doesn’t offer good Web experience and usability.

Moreover, small desktop PCs doesn’t sacrifice ports, which means that customers will not have to be afraid.

Tiny desktop pc Endless Mission One

As we know, in the same under 300 dollars price range, people will be able to opt for an Intel Computer stick or desktop box from HP or Dell. But, a new player is on the market, and it promises some great things.

We are talking about the new Endless Mission One.

This new tiny desktop PC is available at the price of 249 dollars, but customers could also wait for some great bargain prices on the Internet. This new tiny box looks more like a Tivoli radio than a computer.

It comes with a bamboo shell that surrounds a white plastic base. The bamboo material is great, because it is sourced from sustainable wood supplies. This is a desktop that people don’t see very often on the market.

The new Endless Mission One comes with a great feature. This feature could be the system’s most important one.

So, rather than running Apple’s MacOS, Google’s Chrome OS, or Microsoft’s Windows 10, customers should know that the new Endless Mission One runs its own custom operating system. We are talking about the Linux-based Endless OS.

However, this new OS is highly customized with a UI designed to be very user-friendly, offering an Android-like look. However, it is great that we have another new OS on the market, which means that customers will have a new option to choose from.

Two things work in customers’ favor with this new OS. The first one is the built-in web browser, which is Chromium, Google’s open-source version of Chrome browser. This means that people will have a very familiar interface to work with.

The second thing is the access to most of the cloud-based tools that people use every day. So, users will be able to work with Netflix, Gmail, Facebook, Amazon, and many other things that make up most of what we do on a computer.

Another great thing is that the new Endless Mission One comes with a high number of preinstalled software, including education apps and useful information.

Under the hood, customers will find a 1.58GHz Intel Celeron N2807, accompanied by 2GB of RAM, Intel HD graphics, and 500GB HDD storage.

Other connectivity are 802.11n wireless and Bluetooth 4.0. The design is great, offering clean lines and a minimalist look. Users will find a power connection on this box, accompanied by an HDMI port for the monitor, and a wireless dongle receiver for a keyboard and mouse.

Another interesting thing is that on the top of the box, users will find USB 2.0 ports and a USB 3.0 port, along with an audio jack and an old VGA video output.
The new Endless Mission One is a great tiny desktop Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 5:41 PM Rating: 5
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