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Erato cuts the cost with the new Muse 5 Earbuds

Erato comes with the new Muse 5. We are talking about a fully wireless model. The company cuts the cost with this new model, but unfortunately Erato's new device is not able to raise above the crowd.

The new Erato Muse 5 comes with great functionality and solid battery life. 

Erato Muse 5 3D Surround True Wireless Earphones

These are the two best things when we talk about this new model.

Unfortunately, the audio quality is less than inspirational. As we know, the company released last year in May one of the best fully wireless models. We are talking about the Apollo 7. That model was among the best that any company released.

The Apollo 7 offered best-in-class connectivity and solid sound. Less than a year later, huge manufacturers, like Apple entered on the marketplace to compete with smaller companies like Bragi, Erato and many others.

This latest technology seems to be more reliable and convenient and customers are joining the true wireless revolution.

So, these days, Erato comes with a new model. The new Muse 5 seems to be a fine full wireless headphone model.

But, should we compare it with the rest of the crowd? 

Well, the new Muse 5 is an affordable and convenient option and packs enough features to make it worth consideration.

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Out of the box, Erato’s new model comes with a simple black box which opens to reveal the two earbuds in a thin cardboard display. People will find there an instruction manual, which will show them how to setup the buds and use the on-board controls.

Compared with the previous model, we must say that the new Muse 5 also has a couple of changes. It seems that the company ditched the .45 caliber look in favor of the oblong in-ear shape popularized by the likes of Bragi’s Dash.

Moreover, Erato also expanded on the traditional mushroom-tipped silicone seal with what they call FitSeal.

This is a ridged silicone layer that goes below the tip in purpose to create a tighter fit in user’s ear canal. Customers will also be able to buy these earbuds in several colors, for example black, pearl white, “brilliant” blue, and rose gold.

As many other fully wireless headphones on the market, the new Erato Muse 5 also comes with a pillbox case that handles both charging and storage.

The earbuds can easily be put in the center and the LEDs will start popping light through the case to show that they are charging.

A blue LED situated on the front of the case will inform users that the Muse 5 is charging, while a red one shows that less than 30 percent of the battery life remains.

Each of Muse 5’s earbuds come with a single control button with the Erato logo on. These buttons control everything from playback to Bluetooth pairing and Siri and Google Voice, based on the number and length of taps it records.

In the end, we must say that each earphone can be operated as a single Bluetooth earpiece, or it can be paired for a nice stereo experience.
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