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Fitbit Alta Fitness Wristband Review: Motivation Is Your Best Accessory

Fitbit is one of the best companies when it comes to fitness trackers. The new Fitbit Alta HR will be available in April at the price of 149 dollars.

This incredible band adds continuous heart rate monitoring and better sleep tracking in purpose to offer something that customers will use every day. Moving forward, we must say that this new band is similar in design with its predecessor.

However, why change something that isn’t bad or broken? 

But, there are some small changes, for example the bottom of the OLED screen homes a small Fitbit logo and the strap has a slightly different textured pattern. It seems that with the new Alta, Fitbit tried to go somewhere into the traditional area.

Alta fitness tracker Fitness and fashion on display

Customers should know that the device’s strap is a little bit too solid. This is somehow disappointing, because being so strong, users will risk breaking it.

However, being so similar with its predecessor, it is not a surprise that the new Fitbit Alta HR shares the same specs and weaknesses.

For example, the touch screen is finicky, which means that users will have to tap directly in the center and with a bit more force in order for the device to respond.

The main difference between the new Alta and its predecessor will be seen when users will flip the tracker over.

On the bottom, customers will see a small PurePulse heart rate sensor.

In April, when the new Fitbit Alta HR will hit the shelves, this new device will be considered to be the smallest fitness tracker that homes a continuous heart rate monitoring.

The company claims that this new tracker is 25 percent slimmer than the Charge 2. We must say that using this new fitness tracker is great. Another plus for this fitness band is the improved battery life.

Alta fitness tracker A WRISTBAND THAT LETS YOU WEAR FITNESS YOUR WAYAs we know, Fitbit’s trackers are rated for approximately five days between charges.

Well, with the new Alta model, customers will receive seven days between charges, which is really great.

The heart rate feature is not the only big attraction on this device.

Rumors are claiming that Fitbit is planning to introduce two new tools that use heart rate data: Sleep Insights and Sleep Stages.

Until now, users were able to see sleep quality measures in terms of how many minutes they are awake, asleep, or restless.

The new Sleep Stages feature is designed to use the heat rate variability, accelerometer, and Fitbit’s algorithms to more accurately tell users when they are awake or in light, deep, or REM sleep.

As for the Sleep Insights feature, this is approximately what it sounds like. For example, for people who sleep longer on weekends, the app will tell them that they don’t get enough sleep on weeknights.

 As we mentioned, the new Fitbit Alta HR will be available at the price of 150 dollars, which is the same exact price that the Charge 2 has. So, there will be an interesting battle on the market. We are curious to see which one is the real winner.
Fitbit Alta Fitness Wristband Review: Motivation Is Your Best Accessory Reviewed by John Colston on 5:00 PM Rating: 5
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