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Fitbit Alta HR: Heart Rate, Sleep And Better Calorie Burn Tracking

This new fitness tracker comes with a slim and great design. Moreover, the company claims that it has a 7-day battery life.

We think that the new Fitbit Alta HR is the best one that the company has ever made. Of course, there are lot of Fitbit models to choose from, but this new Alta HR has something more.

Fitbit Alta HR Reach your health goals in style

This new tracker has approximately the same features as the Charge 2, which is the customer’s old favorite tracker. However, compared with the Charge 2, we must say that the new model comes with a design that is 25 percent slimmer and has a better battery life.

Moreover, the new Fitbit Alta HR also comes with continuous heart-rate and basic phone notifications.

But, for many customers, it is all about the design. People who will wear the new Fitbit Alta HR for a month, will definitely plan to continue wearing it for several months more.


FitBit ALta HR heart monitoring and sleep tracking
One of the best and slimmest wristband with heart rate - Official Website
Because, it is comfortable to wear and the company didn’t sacrifice any important features. Another attractive thing is the 7-days battery life.

Unfortunately, the company didn’t add the swim-proof feature, too. If the company would have added this feature, we would have said that the new Alta HR is the grand slam of these fitness trackers.

Customers will be able to buy the new Fitbit Alta HR at the price of 150 dollars. This is the same exact price as the Charge 2. Probably that customers will consider that the Charge 2’s extra few features are not worth it, and they will go for the new Alta HR.

For people who are all about manually tracking workouts or having a stopwatch, we will recommend the Charge 2.

But, otherwise, we must say that the new Fitbit Alta HR is the right fitness tracker for them. Furthermore, this new device comes with a heart rate tracker that has finally found its way into a smaller band. As an example, the new Fitbit Alta HR is the same size as the previous model, the original Alta.

Fitbit Alta HR has all the same features as the original model, but with a heart rate feature included.

This means that the new Fitbit Alta HR has the ability to track steps, calories burned, distance, sleep and active minutes. If people want to look at these stats, they just have to tap the tracker’s case below the screen.

However, they should also know that the new Fitbit Alta HR doesn’t come with a touch-sensitive display, but it has the ability to detect forceful taps.

Unfortunately, Fitbit Alta HR doesn’t have the ability to track star climbing or have a “Relax” mode.

The Fitbit Alta HR’s monochrome LED also has the ability to display notifications for text messages, incoming calls and calendar alerts.

This tracker will also provide reminders for users to move throughout the day. In the end, we must say that the new Fitbit Alta HR’s heart rate sensor has the possibility to measure heart rate at 5-second intervals continuously throughout the day.

Fitbit Alta HR: Heart Rate, Sleep And Better Calorie Burn Tracking Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 8:47 AM Rating: 5
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