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GoPro Hero5 Session begs to be taken outside for a ride

GoPro is getting better and better. These days, the company has unveiled its newest action camera, called the Hero5 Session.

It is the same old tiny cube-shaped shooter, but with better features. We must say that this action cam is the smallest that the company had ever made.

The new Hero5 Session has received praises for its design, but was also criticized for too few features and a middling video quality for its too high price.

GoPro Hero5 4k camera affordable price
So, that is why the company decided to cut the cost and added a new price tag. We are talking about a 200 dollars price point, which is more reasonable and more affordable for outdoor enthusiasts.

This means that the new Hero5 Session model and the original model are the company’s most affordable devices, both being available at 200 dollars.

The new GoPro Hero5 Session has some interesting new specs, because the company added some higher-end features, including 4K-resolution video.

This feature is excellent for such a tiny camera. Before we dig in into the features, we must say that the GoPro Hero5 Session’s new design has not changed, except for branding and a USB-C port for faster charging and transferring content, placed on its tiny body.

GoPro Hero5 Black with 4K-resolution video feature
However, customers should also be aware that smaller sizes force some feature compromises. So, unfortunately, people will not receive a removable battery at this model.

Short battery life is acceptable, but not being able to swap out a fresh pack means that people will risk to miss the best action of the day.

Another bad thing at this new camera is the limited room for controls. This means that the new GoPro Hero5 Session comes with a small screen and two buttons for changing settings on the camera. That is all, which means that there is no screen for framing your shots.

So, customers who want a large camera and many other controls placed on the body should probably go for GoPro Hero5 Session’s larger rectangular linemate.

We are talking about the Hero5 Black. This camera comes with a removable/replaceable battery and a built-in touchscreen along with more shooting options, for example video faster frame rates and raw and wide-dynamic-range photos, GPS for adding data overlays to people’s videos, and a Micro-HDMI output.

So, people who want all the goodies that GoPro has to offer will definitely need to opt for the Hero5 Black. However, the new GoPro Hero5 Session is simple and fun.

This camera is dedicated to people who don’t need so many features, just something small and being able to record 4K videos.

People will just need to press the one big record button situated on top and the camera will kick in and start recording. If people will press the button again, the video recording will stop and turn itself off.

Another great feature is the voice control option, which can be used for starting and stopping records, changing models, snapping photos and tagging highlights in your clips.
GoPro Hero5 Session begs to be taken outside for a ride Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 3:56 AM Rating: 5
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