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Intel bought Mobileye: Self-Driving Car Technology

Another huge move on the driverless cars market. Today we are talking about Intel which decided to buy the Mobileye Company.

As we know, the driverless cars world is filled with huge names like Uber and Google that have raced ahead of rivals.

These two companies built test vehicles and started trials on city streets. But, when it comes to what is under the hood of these driverless cars, a huge number of lesser-known companies will appear.

These companies are responsible with the supply of technology required to bring driverless cars to the masses.

Intel bought Mobileye self driving technology
This Monday, Intel has declared that it has bought Mobileye for the price of 15.3 billion dollars. With this acquisition, Intel will be a huge player on the market and it will have oversight on how much technology is developed.

Mobileye is an Israeli company that makes sensors and cameras for driverless vehicles. Moreover, this company is considered to be the largest in the fast-growing sector and sets the stage for increasing competition between Silicon Valley giants and well-known automakers over who will manage to dominate the world of driverless cars.

As we known, Uber and Google have already invested billions of dollars in their own technology. But, these companies also signed huge partnership deals with automakers like Volvo and Chrysler and are sending test vehicles onto the road.

At this moment, the driverless cars sector is estimated to be worth 24 billion dollars annually by 2025.

“This acquisition is a great step forward for our shareholders, the automotive industry and consumers,” has declared Intel’s CEO, Brian Krzanich, in a statement.

Intel provides critical foundational technologies for autonomous driving including plotting the car’s path and making real-time driving decisions. Mobileye brings the industry’s best automotive-grade computer vision and strong momentum with automakers and suppliers. Together, we can accelerate the future of autonomous driving with improved performance in a cloud-to-car solution at a lower cost for automakers.”

On the other side, Mobileye’s co-founder, president and CEO, Ziv Aviram, has declared that
We expect the growth towards autonomous driving to be transformative. 
It will provide consumers with safer, more flexible, and less costly transportation options, and provide incremental business model opportunities for our automaker customers. 

By pooling together our infrastructure and resources, we can enhance and accelerate our combined know-how in the areas of mapping, virtual driving, simulators, development tool chains, hardware, data centers and high-performance computing platforms. Together, we will provide an attractive value proposition for the automotive industry.

In the end, we must say that Mobileye covers today a range of technology and services, including mapping, sensor fusion and front- and rear-facing camera tech.

But, starting with 2018, the company will also cover crowdsourcing data for high-definition maps, as well as driving policy intelligence underlying driving decisions. So, this means that with this acquisition, Intel will have a much bigger range of the different pieces that go into the autonomous driving system.

Moreover, Intel will also receive a huge number of relationships with automakers. As we know, Mobileye is working at this moment with 26 car manufacturers, including 10 production programs with BMW, and others going into 2017.
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