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Kicker Bullfrog Jump is a rugged Bluetooth speaker

Rugged Bluetooth speakers are starting to gain popularity on the market. Today, we will talk about the new Kicker Bullfrog Jump.

This new Bluetooth speaker comes with a built-in handle situated at the top. This handle is welcoming, because the speaker feels like a cinderblock.

Even if it is called a portable Bluetooth speaker, the new Kicker Bullfrog Jump is really heavy. Moreover, the price is heavy as well.

Kicker Bullfrog Jump Bluetooth speaker Ready for the Outdoors
We are taking about a price point of 399 dollars. At this price range, the new Kicker Bullfrog Jump should not be just a rugged speaker, but it should sound amazing as well.

Luckily, we must say that this speaker delivers truly powerful audio performance, and it comes with a great adjustable EQ via a companion app.

So, customers who are in search for an ultra-rugged speaker that can get really loud, should know that the new Kicker Bullfrog Jump is really great and is worth consideration.

Moving to the design, customers will be able to buy this speaker in three color options: gray, white or green.

Moreover, we must say that the new Kicker Bullfrog Jump is a huge portable speaker, measuring 10.8 x 7.8 x 5.9 inches and weighing approximately 8 pounds.

Probably, users should not through this speaker into a bag and carry it for several miles on their next trip.

Kicker  Bullfrog’s unique design gives you speakers on both sides of the unit
However, the new Kicker Bullfrog Jump is a great backyard, poolside or social gather speaker.
Compared with other Bluetooth speakers that are merely splash proof, we must say that this new speaker is the perfect deal.

The company claims that it has an IP66 rating, which means that it is fully protected from dust and can withstand high-pressure water jets from any direction.

The new Kicker Bullfrog Jump comes with rubberized buttons across the top panel, like track backward, volume up/down, power, track forward, play/pause, and Bluetooth pairing.

These buttons are placed underneath the built-in handle.

To be added that the Bluetooth pairing button can also act like a sound source button, which means that users can choose between paired Bluetooth devices, FM radio, and 3.5mm aux input.

We must say that having an FM radio feature is totally rare, but it is welcoming, especially on a 400 dollars portable speaker.

The FM antenna and the audio cable connect are placed on the left side of the speaker, a place where people can also find a pinhole reset button, a USB port for charging mobile devices using the speaker’s battery, and a connection for the included 15-volt power adapter.

The new Kicker Bullfrog Jump also comes with a free Connect by Kicker app for iOS and Android devices. This app works pretty well once the speaker is connected. One of the best features that users will find on this app is the EQ section.

There are five EQ presets: Outdoor, Kicker, Treble, Voice, and Flat. With each of these presets, users will have the possibility to cut or add more treble, bass or refine the sound to their tastes or whatever space they are using the speaker in.
Kicker Bullfrog Jump is a rugged Bluetooth speaker Reviewed by John Colston on 6:39 PM Rating: 5
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