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The new Logitech Z337 Speakers Review: Stream Audio Wirelessly

Here is an affordable and attractive model. We are talking about the new Logitech Z337, which features Bluetooth connectivity and serious volume.

These days, everybody is in search for a wireless speaker model. PC speakers have started to dim and were left somewhere into a dark corner.

As we know, there were days when PC speakers and full surround-sound 7.1 setups have dominated the market. However, these speakers still make some sense for gamers and maybe video enthusiasts who still use their PCs for watching TV and movies.

Logitech Z337 Bluetooth Streaming 2.1 PC Speakers
Of course, people can also use a portable Bluetooth speaker for these kind of activities, but they probably want to remain classic.

But, to be fair, Bluetooth portable speakers are offering more portability and they can also be plugged into people’s PCs via auxiliary audio cable.

Logitech decided to split the difference with its new model released these days on the market. We present you the new Z337 speaker system.

This new model is rather a typical 2.1 PC setup that requires A/C power and plugs in via audio cable. But, this is not all, because we are talking about a twist here.

The new Logitech Z337 is Bluetooth-enabled, which means that it can also work with smartphones and with PCs. This is a really good feature that customers will probably be happy to have. Another great thing is the price.

The new Logitech Z337 is available at the price of 100 dollars. This means that it is just 20 dollars more than the previous Z333 model that homes the same components, but without Bluetooth connectivity.

Moving to the design, we must say that the system's components come nicely packed into a tiny box, covered in plastic.

Even if this speaker is trying to look modern and futuristic, we must say that the design and materials are all screaming plastic instead.

Moreover, the satellites are boxy rectangles that feature fabric-covered drivers placed in the center of the cabinets.

Moving to the subwoofer, we must say that it comes in a big box with a large driver situated in the middle and a port situated on the left.

The subwoofer also serves as the central wiring cabinet for the entire system. So, customers will have to plug the satellites into the back of the subwoofer using a 70-inch color-coded proprietary cable.

This is not such a great way to plug, because customers who are accustomed to place the subwoofer under the desk, might be hard-pressed to place their satellites on the top of their desk.

To be added that in the back of the subwoofer, people will also find a 3.5mm output jack, and the included cable, which is not so long.

However, as we mentioned earlier, the new Logitech Z337 is a Bluetooth-enabled system, which means that people will not have to use cables anymore. So, people who own a PC that has a Bluetooth adapter should know that they can bypass the cable concerns and connect that way.

The new Logitech Z337 Speakers Review: Stream Audio Wirelessly Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 5:13 AM Rating: 5
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