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Martian Alpha T10 Smartwatch with Amazon Alexa enabled

The new Martian Alpha T10 is a great watch that works with Alexa. This watch relies on voice commands that work well, and put the watch to a different audience.

These days, smartwatches are not as popular as they were a couple of years ago. These devices are having a long and though battle in purpose to convince people of their usefulness.

It seems that a long battery life and small prices are not what people are searching for.

Customers are still asking: “Why should I need a smartwatch on my wrist?” or “What will this smartwatch do for me than my phone doesn’t already do?” 

Martian Alpha T10 Smartwatch
So, the new Martian Alpha T10 is trying to win this battle with a new and interesting feature. We are talking about the company’s mVoice feature.

For starters, this new device is an actual analog quartz watch with Miyota movements and fixed faces.

So, we are curious if this new watch will manage to bridge the gap between analog watches and smartwatches.

So, one thing is sure. The new Martian Alpha T10 is an analog watch with smart features.

This means that if people will not use the smartwatch feature, they can still have a functioning watch with a two-year rated battery.

Moreover, the new Martian Alpha T10 comes with a separate rechargeable 5-day-rated lithium polymer battery that powers the smartphone feature.

The company also claims that this watch is an IPX4 splash resistant and has a large variety of case and band styles. Another interesting thing is that this watch also offers some useful utilities, like a tiny light and a stopwatch.

Unlike many other smartwatches on the market, like Android Wear and Apple smartwatches, people won’t see at the new Martian Alpha T10 specifications for memory, processors, or storage.


Because, this watch doesn’t pretend to be a smaller computing device that pairs with smartphones. The company declared that this watch is an input/output device for apps on the phone.

This means that the new Martian Alpha T10 is not a very smart device, but it is clever and useful. Moreover, the new Martian Alpha T10 can be paired via Bluetooth with Android and iOS smartphones and it can display a wide range of notifications on a small and visible 96 x 16-pixel OLED screen.

We also must say that this watch has an internal microphone and speaker that can enable local control of any smartphone apps that respond to voice command including music, calls, Google Now and Siri. But, the best thing about this new watch is Alexa.

As we know this is Amazon’s famous voice assistant. So, as long as users’ smartphones are running the standard Alexa app, and they are logged into their Amazon account, they should know that the Martian Alpha T10 puts Alexa right on their wrist.

This means that Alexa will respond to any of the 8.000 Alexa Skills that people will activate on their phones. This is a very interesting feature that will probably bring smartwatches back to life.

Martian Alpha T10 Smartwatch with Amazon Alexa enabled Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 8:51 AM Rating: 5
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