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The new Polk Magnifi Mini Sound Bar offers an explosive sound

Polk is coming on the market with a new sound bar sensation. We are talking about the Magnifi Mini.
First, we must say that this new sound bar doesn’t look like a traditional sound bar.

This new device is more like a sound stub. But, in many ways, Polk’s device embodies what sound bars are all about. The new Polk Magnifi Mini comes with its traditional foot print and powerful sound.

Polk Magnifi Mini home theater surround sound via 5.1 Dolby Digital

Polk Magnifi Mini Sound Bar Offers Ulta-compact size fits tight spaces and still delivers big, room-filling audio

Moreover, this new device is a great option for people who are searching no-hassle TV audio enhancement.

Customers will be able to buy this new device at the price of 300 dollars. This is an affordable price, especially for a device that has so many features and offers an incredible price.

Out of the box, people will first see that the new Polk Magnifi Mini is really tiny. Its small size makes the device sink into the package, but owners will be able to easily pull out the sound bar from its box.

This sound bar will probably look more like a Bluetooth speaker, which is not really a bad thing. This means that owners will be able to be easily place this device in every corner of the room.

The company also added an attractive down-firing sub, which is almost the bar’s opposite. Thus, the sub is a traditional sized cabinet, which means that it is an imposing stature compared with the bar.
Moreover, the most interesting thing is that the sub is lighter than the bar.

Polk Magnifi Mini Sound Bar - Wirelessly stream your favorite music directly from your smartphone

Voice Adjust technology dramatically increases vocal clarity and volume level for crystal clear dialogue no matter what you're watching

This means that the countertop duo is very portable, and it will allow people to easily pack the elements up and take them on the road. Into the package, people will also find a fully loaded IR remote layered in rubberized plastic on top.

Moreover, customers will receive power cables, 3.5mm cables, Optical, HDMI, and a small setup manual. Moving forward, we must say that even if the new Polk Magnifi Mini is tiny, people should know that it has some serious power under the hood.

As for the design, the new Polk Magnifi Mini is really attractive. Its design is no accident, and people will think that the unit was built by magic hands in purpose to perfectly fit under the TV stand. Once put there, the new Polk Magnifi Mini will easily disappear beneath users’ TV.

But, to be added that angular sides and silver plate set at the center of the unit’s speaker grill will offer an appealing aesthetic design. Beneath the surface, people will find six drivers, including dual 2.5-inch drivers situated at dead center, accompanied by a pair of 2-inch drivers at both sides.

At the back of this new sound bar, people will find HDMI with ARC, 3.5mm Aux input, and digital Optical input.

To be added that the hardwire options are matched by wireless connection via Bluetooth, as well as Wi-Fi connection via Google Cast. In the end, we must say that there is also a night mode to limit dynamics when somebody is sleeping.
The new Polk Magnifi Mini Sound Bar offers an explosive sound Reviewed by John Colston on 6:43 PM Rating: 5
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