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Talk any language with Pilot Translating Earpiece from Waverly Labs

We think that this new device is capable of something big. With the new Waverly Labs Pilot Earpiece people will be able to talk and understand any language they want.

We have all been there. People who have been traveling all around the world have faced the same barrier as anyone else: the language.

Learning more and more languages just become too much. People got tired of trying to find a hotel and of having no one to understand what they are talking about.

Pilot Translating Earpiece talk any language
Moreover, people who are meeting new business contacts are facing the same problem, the language.

Of course, there are some helpful tools on the Internet, for example Google Translate, which is much more like a phrasebook that allows people to get their job done.

But, having something that can allow you to understand what a stranger says in your own language, moments after he said it, is something picked up from the Star Trek series.

Luckily, it seems that the earpiece seen on Star Treks movies is here and it will be soon on the market. We present you the new Waverly Labs Pilot Earpiece.

This device looks like a fully wireless headset with separate right and left earpieces. But, do not mistaken, because this new product can help bridge the communication gap.

This device was first presented at the 4YFN startup conference, which was held in conjunction with the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

We must say that the Waverly Labs Pilot Earpiece is still in a prototype phase, but the product will be released later this year.

Probably that some things will also change, including its design, by the time when it will go globally on the market. Let’s see how the new Waverly Labs Pilot Earpiece works.

As we mentioned, this device is a fully wireless headset, which offers a comfortable and sleekly design. The earpieces will fit perfectly into users’ ears, enough for them to walk around.

 People will also be able to change the tip depending on their ear seize. Another great thing is that the new Waverly Labs Pilot Earpiece is available in three colors: white, black and red.

When people will not use the new Waverly Labs Pilot Earpiece, they should know that they will be able to carry it in a plastic case, which also has an integrated battery for charging.

This feature seems to quickly become the industry standard for fully wireless headphones. Moreover, on their own, these new earpieces can go up to 3 to 4 hours on full charge.

The main point of this process is the company’s app. This app must be downloaded by both the user and his friend onto their phones. Once they sync their conversation through a matching QR code on the app, they are off and speaking.

So, people will need to press a button on the app and talk into the earpiece's microphone to record what they want to say.

The voice will go through the company’s machine translation software, which converts it to text on their friend’s app. Moreover, if the friend also has the new Waverly Labs Pilot Earpiece, then he will hear a translated version of what the users said, via a computer voice.

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