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The u-Jays headphone is coming in wireless version

The new u-Jays Wireless model comes with a great connection, sound and an attractive style for an incredible triple combination.

As we know, Beats managed to take the wireless headphone market a few years back. From that point, it became hard for customers to find a simple, elegant looking set of headphones that didn’t feel built as a competitor for Dr. Dre’s headphone model.

u-Jays headphone wireless headphones
Several brands looked to mimic Beats’ model, adding bombastic bass, flashy style and many other similar features. However, the good thing is that not everyone is looking to copy or beat Beats’ model.

Today, we are talking about the new u-Jays Wireless model. Jays, a Swedish headphone maker, decided to go in a different way with its headphone models.

The new u-Jays Wireless comes with an attractive, minimalist model, and without a single exposed hinge or wire.

We must say that this new model impresses with its amazingly clear sound and classic style. But, the best thing is that it offers an affordable price.

The new u-Jays Wireless is available at the price of 179 dollars, which is a decent price and is reachable for many customers.

So, will this new model be the next big thing on the market? We hope so.

The new u-Jays Wireless is similar when it comes to look and sound performance with its wired counterpart.

u-Jays headphone specs details and features
This new Wireless model comes with intuitive touch controls, an incredible battery life and a 20 percent price drop in purpose to make this headphone attractive and competitive. We must say that the u-Jays Wireless comes in a very similar package as its wired predecessor.

This means that it comes in a molded foam inside a thin black box. Other accessories that customers will find inside the box are a 3.5 mm cable, instruction materials and a micro USB charging cable. Unfortunately, while the wired model also has a drawstring back, it seems that the wireless version doesn’t.

It also must be mentioned that the new model’s included audio cable doesn’t come with the same three button iOS controls that are found on the wired version.

However, the fact that they are missing is because their added touch controls replicate the functionality.

Moving forward, we must say that the new u-Jays Wireless has a simple design, similar with the wired version. As we know, everyone was impressed with the wired model’s look. It is a good thing that the company decided to keep the same design to the wireless model.

The only real physical change between these two models is that the company added a charging port and a power button on the back of the right earcup.

Customers should know that the comfort remained identical with the one found on the wired model. But, it is important to know that the weight from the batteries made this model a little bit heavier compared with the wired model.

The most attractive thing that people will find on the new u-Jays Wireless is the invisible touch pad for playback control. This touchpad will allow users to play/pause music or answer phone calls with a single tap, change songs or raise or lower volume.
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