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YouTube has launched YouTube TV

This week YouTube came with some interesting and surprising news. It seems that the well-known video platform has released a new product called YouTube TV.

The new YouTube TV is a 35-month competitor to cable TV. This new service delivers a package of streaming channels over the Internet.

With this new release, the company is jumping into a market filled with a high number of services. All these streaming TV services have one mission: to lure cord-cutters and attract more and more people to their platforms.

Youtube Tv Live tv stream services - Google PLans to take over the market
For example Sony Vue, AT&T DirectTV Now, and Sling TV are already engaged in a huge fight on this market.

To be added that Hulu will also enter onto this market in the next few months. Amazon is another huge name that is working on its TV package, or at least that is what rumors say.

But, the new YouTube TV service has one thing that makes it special compared with all these huge competitors.

It seems that the company will manage to figure out the technical aspects of YouTube TV. This is a huge plus for the platform, because it seems that other competitors are still struggling with it. We are not talking about the interface, which is another plus for YouTube TV.

We are talking about simply making sure the product actually works, especially during high-profile events when lots of users are online.

However, at the moment, the idea of a live streaming TV service is something new for people. Most people know that TV is supposed to function in cable or satellite.

Using a cable TV is really easy, because people want to watch something, and the TV is always there in the room.

But, this fact cannot be said for the early streaming TV services. Since AT&T’s DirectTV Now service has been launched in late November, other competitors on the market have repeatedly suffered numerous technical issues. We are talking about strange error messages and long blackouts.

Something that tends to be taken for granted, but is actually a pretty herculean effort, is the years of video-serving infrastructure that we’ve built up, has declared for Bloomberg, Neal Mohan, YouTube’s head of product.
Every minute, on average, more than 400 hours of content are being uploaded on YouTube and ready to serve. 
There’s an enormous amount of learning that went into that, which we can apply to this new YouTube TV experience to make it reliable and flawless, he added. 

Another huge plus for YouTube is that the famous platform has a ton of knowledge in this area already. As we know, YouTube not just delivers, but it also supports “live” online video.
This means that YouTube has huge chances to snag market share.

YouTube TV includes major sports networks like ESPN and regional sports networks like Fox Sports Networks and Comcast SportsNet, so you can watch your favorite NBA or MLB teams," the company declared in a press release. 

We've also partnered with local TV stations, so you'll also get sports and local news based on where you live.
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