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Google Home Speaker - Firmware Update And New Smart Home Features

As we know, last year, Google has released its first smart speaker. This speaker is similar with Amazon’s device, called the Echo.

Google Home, is an attractive smart speaker that has the ability to be a real help for people into their homes.

Google Home speaker has the possibility to bring all the information that people need, like searching for an answer on the Internet, tell the weather, play a specific track, or search for a food recipe that people ask for.

The great thing about this speaker is that all the commands are made by voice by the owners. So, this year it seems that Google made certain updates to its smart speaker.

We are taking about the addition of multiple-user support, integration with a certain number of major smart home brands, and new third-party skills.

These updates are without a doubt welcomed by people who are already owning a Google Home.

Customers who don’t have a speaker like this, will be able buy it at the price of 129 dollars. Since its release, Google Home has grown up very fast in features and specs.

Moreover, customers have started to buy this smart speaker, making it a huge competitor for Amazon Echo. Google Home is a connected wireless speaker, and now it has support for multiple users, third-party skills, and support for more smart brands.

So, yes, this speaker can now be considered a serious competitor for Amazon. We must say that this speaker has parts which are even better than Alexa's. Why? Well, because Google Home can handle multiple users now.

Moving to the design, this 129 dollars speaker is very attractive and comes with a removable woven gray base.

This means that customers will be able to choose other bases, instead of the woven gray one. For example, there is a metal option for 20 dollars more, or an additional fabric version for 20 dollars more, as well.

The Google Home measures 3.79 x 5.62 inches. Moreover, the speaker weighs approximately a pound, which means that it is very light. So, the design is really great, and users will be able to put it anywhere in the house.

Google Home Speaker Hands-free help from the Google Assistant
The speaker looks like an ornamental candle, and the fabric base has various color options, which is a good thing.

The Google Home comes with only one physical button. Using this button, customers will be able to toggle the always-on microphone.

Moreover, customers should know that the top of the speaker is a touch surface, which means that they will be able to tap it to pause music, or turn the volume up or down.

The setup is also very easy, people will just have to connect the speaker to their home Wi-Fi and define their home’s location.

Knowing the location is useful for telling the traffic and weather. We must say that this speaker is weaker when it comes to Wi-Fi connectivity.

The Amazon Echo works much better into areas where Google Home cannot reach the Wi-Fi connection.
Google Home Speaker - Firmware Update And New Smart Home Features Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 5:55 AM Rating: 5
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