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The new HyperX Cloud Revolver - Pro Gaming Headset

Today, we are talking about a new pair of headphones. These new headphones seem to be among the most comfortable pairs on the market.

The new HyperX Cloud Revolver come with a very decent design. The company built these headphones with only one concern in its mind, to be comfortable. The new HyperX Cloud Revolver were first announced at CES 2017.

These headphones were presented like being the meanest and biggest headsets that the company has ever built. But, customers should know that while the company was aiming for comfort, the sound section was left on the second place.

HyperX Cloud Revolver headphones good quality and very comfortable

But, this doesn’t mean that the new HyperX Cloud Revolver sound bad. No, because behind those soft memory foam cups, the company added 50mm drivers that feature a plug-and-play Dolby 7.1-channel surround sound.

This means that the company is not messing around when it comes to sound.

But, we must say that there are also some downsides at this new pair of headphones. However, these issues don’t affect the function of these good-looking headphones.

As we mentioned earlier, the new HyperX Cloud Revolver come with great memory foam cups, 50mm neodymium driver, and Dolby Virtual 7.1.

Moreover, the new HyperX Cloud Revolver weigh approximately 360g, and 376g if we attach the mic. Moreover, customers will also find a USB connection, and a 3.5mm jack.

The bad part about the mic is that it isn’t retractable or folded away. So, this means that during breaks or respawns, gamers will have to use a straw if they want to drink their juice or water.

However, the mic is bendable, but gamers will not manage to take it entirely from their way. Moving to the sound, we must say that this section is great.

The new HyperX Cloud Revolver sound great even if we are talking about gaming, music playback, or comms. Of course, these headphones could not be a good replacement for other Bluetooth headphones that are used in the office.

But, for gaming, the new HyperX Cloud Revolver is definitely worth being checked out. The audio box is considered to be the first plug-and-play Dolby 7.1 virtual surround.

This feature offers bass boost, and vocal equalizer modes. The best thing is that it managed to keep all these things in line on a single cable.

Customers should know that the audio box is compatible on PlayStation 4 and on PC.

Customers will be able to buy the new HyperX Cloud Revolver at the price of 150 dollars. So, yes, this is a very affordable price for a gaming headphone model that offers so many features.

With the new HyperX Cloud Revolver customers will receive a comfortable pair of headphones that can be used for long hours of gaming sessions or listening to music.

Of course, there are many other competitors on the market that offer great features and a powerful sound. But, we think that none of those models can be compared with the new HyperX Cloud Revolver when it comes to comfort.
The new HyperX Cloud Revolver - Pro Gaming Headset Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 7:37 AM Rating: 5
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