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Intuos Pro And Intuos Pro Paper Review: Some of The Best 2017's Graphics Tablets

Wacom has released some new devices these days. We are talking about the new Intuos Pro and the Intuos Pro Paper.

These are the 2017 versions of the previous original devices. This new version delivers a fluid and responsive feel, while the Paper model also adds the ability to sketch while disconnected.

Intuos Pro And Intuos Pro Paper best graphics tablets in 2017

New Wacom Pro Pen 2: natural and precise

The new Intuos Pro graphics tablet was first announced at CES 2017.

When the company unveiled this model it sounded a little weak, but now, when the device was officially released, we must say that it is way better.

Wacom graphics tablets owners know that Intuos tablets connect as input devices to people’s computer, adding pressure-sensitive drawing and painting as well.

Moreover, this tablet also serves as a touchpad.

Just like the MobileStudio Pro, which is a Windows tablet, the new Wacom Intuos Pro features the Pro Pen 2.

Furthermore, the device has the ability to support 8.192 levels of pressure and 60 degrees of tilt recognition.

Another great update is the Paper Edition. This tablet includes an EMR-supporting fingerpoint gel pen. With this feature, users will be able to draw on any paper while disconnected. 

Another great thing is that the new Wacom Intuos Pro Paper has the ability to store approximately 200 drawings in its built-in memory.

If the built-in memory is full, people will be able to sync their drawings to the tablet’s cloud service using Wacom’s Inkspace app.

Customers will be able to buy the new Wacom Intuos Pro at the price of 350 dollars. We are talking about the medium version. But, there is also a large Intuos Pro version, which is available at the price of 500 dollars.

As for the Paper Edition, customers will have to pay a 400 dollars price. They should also know that the Paper Edition comes only in a medium size.

However, customers should know that they are able to turn the Wacom Intuos Pro into a Paper Edition, buying the add-on kit with the pen and clip.

Another good thing to know is that the previous Intuos Pro Pen & Touch is still on the market, which means that customers who want a smaller graphics tablet could buy it.

The company has redesigned this graphics tablet in purpose to occupy less space but retain the same active area.

Moreover, Wacom also added a power button and dedicated touch on/off switch. We must say that the new Intuos Pro has a great and more elegant design.

This new tablet connects via USB-C or built-in Bluetooth, and users will be able to pair it by holding down the center button for 6 seconds. After that, a blinking blue light appears on the right side to show that it is in pairing mode.

Besides these new tweaks, we must say that the new Wacom Intuos Pro is the same as before. This means that it has eight ExpressKeys and a Touch Rings feature, which can work with four functions based on the toggle status of the center button.
Intuos Pro And Intuos Pro Paper Review: Some of The Best 2017's Graphics Tablets Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 2:19 PM Rating: 5
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