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Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset comes with a powerful sound

Logitech has released a new pair of headphones. We are talking about the new G533 Wireless Gaming Headset.

These new headphones come with a comfortable fit and a great sound. As we know, last year, Logitech has released the G933 Artemis at the price of 200 dollars.

That model was one of the best models when it comes to gaming headsets. Moreover, the previous G933 Artemis was considered to be the gamers’ first choice when it came to wireless gaming headsets.

Logitech G533 Wireless pro gaming headset
Now, the company comes with a new model, which is called the G533 Wireless Gaming Headset. Customers will be able to buy this new model at the price of 149 dollars.

This means that the new Logitech G533 is more affordable than the previous model. Moreover, this model is a great alternative for the G933 version.

Of course, being more affordable, the company was also forced to make a few cuts. This means that the new Logitech G533 doesn’t come with the customizable lightning feature, but that is not a huge miss.

Moreover, the new Logitech G533 lacks the ability to connect with a wired source. Well, this is a huge miss, because users can’t use this new pair of headphones with anything else besides a PC.

Moving forward, we must say that the new Logitech G533 also has some pluses. For example, this headphone model comes with more bass sound, which is a good thing.

The new Logitech G533 is also a direct competitor with the newest Steelseries Arctis 7, which is available at the price of 149 dollars.

But, we must say that when opting for the Steelseries model, customers will also receive better sound quality and more connectivity options.

So yes, the Steelseries model seems to be a better choice for customers at the price range. However, this doesn’t mean that the new Logitech G533 is an awful model.

No, especially for Logitech fans who are in love with the company’s products. Moving to the design, we must say that this model doesn’t feel cheap at all.

As we mentioned, in purpose to maintain the model’s price low, the company has ditched the lighting effect feature. In exchange,

Logitech has added a plain black plastic. But, customers should know that the new Logitech G533 doesn’t feel cheap at all.

The earcups are very nice, featuring great glossy back panels raised over matte contours. Without a doubt, this new model feels more premium compared with the company’s G231 Prodigy model, which is available at the price of 62.83 dollars.

The new Logitech G533 also comes with a boom mic, which is placed on the front of the left earcup. The mic is attached on a flexible metal arm that also has the ability to retract when not in use.

 Customers will also find some controls and connections on the left earcup. For example, there is a power switch and manual mic mute button added above a big volume dial. Moreover, there is a micro USB port that can be used for charging the headset.
Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset comes with a powerful sound Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 2:18 AM Rating: 5
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