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Marshall Monitor Bluetooth Wireless Headphones With 30+ Hours Of Playtime

These days, Marshall has released its new Bluetooth headphones model. We are talking about the new Monitor. This new model is powerful and can also be used in wired, passive mode.

Until this day, every Marshall product that the company has ever released, even if we talk about the guitar amp or headphones, was well-designed and delivered high-quality audio.

So, the new Monitor Bluetooth model is no exception from this rule. These new headphones are perfect for bass lovers who are in search for a balanced mix, with both bass and treble booster in a way that doesn’t distort the sound.

Marshall Monitor Bluetooth speakers great for bass lovers

Customers will be able to be buy the new Marshall Monitor Bluetooth at the price of 250 dollars. But, we should also say that there are some serious competitors on the market that come with a slightly less expensive price, 190 dollars.

Let’s talk about the design a little bit. These new headphones are available only in black. Moreover, they feature a leather grain that is patterned into the surfaces of the earcups and the headband.

The company’s logo is added on each ear, offering a nice and elegant look. However, this design is not for everyone, but people who are huge fans of Marshall’s unique design, will definitely love this one, too.

The entire look on the new Monitor model is matte, even if there are some various materials, like aluminum, faux leather, brass, and the coiled audio cable that is attached on each earcup to the headband.

So, as Marshall already accustomed us, the new Monitor Bluetooth model comes with a retro-cool design. Inside each earcup, users will find a 40mm dynamic driver that delivers the audio.

We must say that the fit is very secure, even if the pads could feel a little small or too close to the ear. We wouldn’t say that it feels uncomfortable, because there is a generous cushioning in both earpads and the headband.

Compared with other models that home a large number of buttons that are often hard to memorize, we must say that this new model has a single rocker-style button that can be toggled forward, backward, up, down, and pressed like a button.

With this single button, people will get a dedicated button direction for track navigation, and volume up and volume down.

We could say that this is a nice thing, rather than having to tap things multiple times or hold them in for long periods. Customers should also know that this button can be used for control playback and incoming phone calls, as well.

Another interesting thing to know is that the new Marshall Monitor Bluetooth comes with a micro USB charging cable that connects to the right earcup. Moreover, there is a very nice-looking audio cable for wired listening.

This cable homes an inline mic and single-button remote control. Moreover, customers will also receive a black canvas tote to store the headphones in. This means that the headphones also fold down at hinge to fit inside.
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