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The New Moto G5 Plus Specs and Price Review

The new Moto G5 Plus is probably the best budget phone on the market. This new device comes with a couple of features that can compete with other high-end phones.

The best thing that makes this new device so attractive is that it doesn’t feel like a budget-phone at all.

This means that the new Motorola Moto G5 Plus feels solid, it has a great performance, and it is able to run multiple tasks at once.

Motorola G5 Plus smartphone has a great performance

Moreover, the price is also very attractive. The new Motorola Moto G5 Plus is available at the price of 229 dollars.

This price tag is available for the 32GB version, but there is also a 64GB model available at the price of 299 dollars.

We also must say that each model comes with different features when it comes to RAM, NFC, and storage capacity.

We are happy to see that Motorola is continuing its Moto lineup. As we know, this lineup was the first one that announced the budget phone market’s raising.

Motorola G5 Plus smartphone features a modern and metal body

Since Motorola released the Moto device, many companies have started to go for this recipe, making high-end phones at more affordable prices.

The new Moto G5 Plus comes more like an upgrade to last year’s Moto G4 Plus. This new phone features a modern and metal body, and has more storage. Another great thing about this device is that it runs Android 7.0 Nougat.

This means that customers will be able to make use of the Google Assistant, and new Moto gestures.

One of the best things that people will find on this new phone is the fingerprint sensor. This sensor is situated on the front below the display. What is so great about it? Well, it works as good as Apple’s Touch ID. But there is more.

Motorola has decided to make it even greater, and it added some interesting shortcut gestures.

Motorola G5 Plus Smartphone review specs comparison

This means that people will be able to turn the fingerprint sensor into something like a trackpad. The company calls this features One Button Nav.

So, people will just have to turn the Moto app on and tap the fingerprint sensor to bring them to the home menu. Moreover, if they swipe left, the app will show them all the recent apps. If they long press the sensor, they will lock the phone.

Under the hood, customers will find a 2GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 625. This is the same processor that is also placed on the Moto Z Play. Moreover, the new Motorola Moto G5 Plus comes with 4GB of RAM, which means that it has a fast response.

The company claims that the battery life lasts approximately 14 hours during a video test. This means that it is longer than Moto G4 and LG G6.

Another great thing on this phone is the camera, which features a 12-megapixel sensor. We are talking about the same sensor that can be found on both Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8. This sensor will make autofocusing more accurate and faster.
The New Moto G5 Plus Specs and Price Review Reviewed by John Colston on 8:12 AM Rating: 5
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