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The new Polar M430 Running Watch Comes With Optical Heart Rate Monitor

These days, Polar has released the new M430. This new wearable device comes with a thin and perforated strap that offers a nice look.

Customers will be able to buy the new Polar M430 at the price of 220 dollars. At this price point, we can say that this new device is close to its previous model, the M400.

However, not only the price point is something close to the previous model, but the design and functionality are as well. But, we must say that the new Polar M430 also comes with a few interesting improvements that are worth to be mentioned.

Polar M430 running watch with heart rate monitor
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So, customers must know that they won’t need a separate chest strap to measure heart rate, like they do on other models. The new Polar M430 includes six proprietary optical heart rate sensors, plus improved indoor tracking capabilities.

Unfortunately, this new Polar M430 won’t ship until May, which means that customers will have to wait one more month.

So, let’s jump into some interesting details until then. First of all, we must say that side by side, the new Polar M430 and the previous model, don’t offer some notable distinctions in design. Both of these models come with large, monochrome screens.

Moreover, they share the same button placement, track the same metrics, like activity, calories, steps, and sleep, and both work with the Polar Flow app.

But, we must say that if people will look closely, they will find two key differences. We are talking about the perforated strap, and a ring of six LED optical heart rate sensors placed underneath the face of this new device.

This last feature is also the biggest attraction on the new Polar M430. Another good thing is that customers won’t need to pair this device with a compatible HRM if they want to track their heart rate. Not needing a chest strap is a huge attraction for customers, mostly in terms of convenience.

But, we are curious to find out if this feature will also deliver the same accurate results as a chest strap.

Let’s talk about its perforated strap a little bit. This new strap looks great, mostly because its tiny holes help sweat evaporate better during long sessions of workout. But, if we talk about the design, we must say that this band is not suitable for everyone.

Perforated straps are not a fashion icon and they work better on sport clothes. But, on this new device, the holes are not so noticeable, which means that they are not a big issue. The company has declared that the new M430 was built in purpose to be worn all day and night.

As for the battery life, people will be able to tweak GPS usage to be suited for their needs. The company claims that the battery life can go to approximately 30 hours on lighter use.

This means that the battery life is still good, but a huge 10 days drop compared with the previous M400 doesn't sound so good.
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