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Polk Boom Bit Review: Wearable Bluetooth Speaker

The new Polk Boom Bit is very affordable and it comes in a very small shape. The good thing about this speaker is that it has a built-in speakerphone and a nice secure clip.

Customers will be able to buy the new Polk Boom Bit at the price of 29 dollars. This new speaker can clip onto users’ shirt and deliver decent audio.

Polk Boom Bit Wearable Bluetooth Speaker
The best part about this speaker is that it has the ability to take calls, without any other accessories, for example earpieces or cables.

Polk made this speaker especially for athletes who are in search for a small speaker to listen to tunes while they run. 

Of course, there are headphones that are built for athletes, but this speaker is for those who don’t like to have something into their ears.

Of course, customers should not expect incredible sonic performance from the new Polk Boom Bit. But, we must say that this speaker offers clear-enough sound all the time.

Unfortunately, the new Polk Boom Bit is not water resistant, which is a huge minus. We don’t understand why the company didn’t rate it as a water resistant design, especially if it is made for athletes and sweat is a sure presence there.

However, besides this minus we don’t have other complaints regarding this tiny speaker. Moreover, at the price of 29 dollars, customers shouldn’t expect some high-end features from this tiny device.

Being so small, there are no doubts that this speaker is also very lightweight. This speaker has a rounded rectangular shape and it can be bought in a larger variety of colors.

For example, customers could choose from black, red, yellow, and gray/green colors. Moreover, it measures 3.9 x 1.4 x 1.8 inches and weighs just over an ounce.

We must say that the shirt clip is very secure and it doesn’t flap around while users are running. There is also a cap that has the mission to cover the built-in USB connection.

Unfortunately, the new Polk Boom Bit lacks storage for music, which means that customers will have to pair the speaker to their phone.

To be added that customers will find two buttons situated on the speaker. These are the only two buttons that this speaker has.

We are talking about plus and minus buttons. If people will press them together for a couple of seconds, they will power up the speaker and pit in the pairing mode. If the buttons are tapped individually, users will be able to adjust the volume level.

It is important to know that the volume mode will work in conjunction with users’ smartphones. We also must say that if people will hold the buttons down they will be able to skip tracks forward and backward.

Moreover, if there is an incoming call, people will just have to hold the plus button down to answer it, or hang up by holding the minus button.

Unfortunately, there are no solutions for people to play or pause their music from the speaker itself, which means that they will have to do it from their smartphone.
Polk Boom Bit Review: Wearable Bluetooth Speaker Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 2:02 AM Rating: 5
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