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The new Polk Signa S1 Soundbar: Great Specs At a Low Price

Polk comes with a new sound bar that offers an incredible music sound for the money.

The new Polk Signa S1 is perfect for movies and decent for a music experience.

People who are in search for a decent and affordable sound bar should probably consider buying the new Polk Signa S1.

We are living times when manufacturers are trying to attract the entry-level home theater customers to buy affordable products that actually sound very good. For example, the Yamaha YAS-106 is a great product and it costs just 200 dollars.

Polk Signa S1  sound bar system - great speakers

For the new Polk Signa S1, customers will have to pay a 180 dollars price tag. But, the great thing is that compared with other sound bars on the market, this new device actually comes with a sub included into the price. So, this will probably be the winning move for Polk.

Of course, we must admit that the new Polk Signa S1 is not the best sound bar on the market, but for this price tag we could say that it is perfect.

The new Polk Signa S1 does anything customers need a speaker to do. For example, it is perfect for movie sounds, for radio, and even for music. However, the company also has a premium speaker, the MagniFi Mini.

We should say that this speaker sounds much better than the Signa 1, but it also costs much more.

With the new Polk Signa S1, customers will not be forced to sacrifice much style or sound to meet their small budget.

Moving to the design, we should say that this new Polk Signa S1 comes with a decent look. Customers should also know that this is the company’s first time when it comes with a sound bar with separate sub.

So, it cannot be compared with other brands, like Vizio and Samsung, which offered 200 dollars sound bars with separate subs for some time. But, it seems that Polk is doing pretty well, because this new model is very good.

So, the new Polk Signa S1 comes with a subwoofer that measures 13.41 x 6.72 x 12.29 inches. Moreover, inside this sub hides a woofer that measures 5.25 inches. The company has declared that this woofer will go down to 45 Hz.

Moving to the sound bar, we must say that this piece measures 2 inches high and 35 inches wide. This means that users will risk blocking the TV’s infrared red port if they consider placing the sound bar in front of it.

But, the good thing is that there is an option to wall-mount the bar and the company included keyhole mounts into the package.

To be added that the sound bar is entirely covered in black fabric. Inside, customers will find two 1-inch tweeters and two 4.4-inch drivers.

Another interesting thing to know is that on the top panel users will find controls like input selection, a Bluetooth pairing button, and the volume. As for the remote control, we should say that it is classic and it features an ergonomic design.
The new Polk Signa S1 Soundbar: Great Specs At a Low Price Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 8:52 AM Rating: 5
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