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RCA Voyager III Tablet Review: Does it really worth it?

The new RCA Voyager III is one of the most affordable tablets on the market. Another good thing about this tablet is that it runs apps from the Google Play store.

Customers will be able to buy the new RCA Voyager III at the price of 50 dollars. Without a doubt that this is a really affordable price.

But, should customers buy this new tablet, even if it is so cheap? Well, this depends on what they want to do with it.

As we know, Amazon also launched some affordable tablets in 2015. We are talking about the Amazing Fire tablet, which was available at the same 50 dollars price. At this price, we could say that Amazon’s tablet turned out to be a very decent device.

The Amazon Fire tablet is still on the market at the same exact price, but customers could also find it on sale at 40 dollars.

RCA Voyager III cheap tablet with decent performance
So, this means that the new RCA Voyager III is a direct competitor for the Amazon Fire tablet. Who will win?

Well, for starters we could say that the RCA Voyager III because its runs Google’s Play Store, while Amazon’s tablet doesn’t.

However, it is hard to be disappointed with a tablet that costs only 50 dollars.

Still, customers should know what they will receive at this affordable price, so they should not put so high hopes into it.

But, the best thing about the new RCA Voyager III is that it is great for light reading, casually checking emails and web surfing. But that is it. This tablet can’t do much more than this.

Customers who think that they can use a cheap tablet instead of an everyday laptop are mistaken. Moving forward, we must say that besides supporting Google’s Play Store, the new RCA Voyager III is not as good as Amazon’s tablet.

RCA Voyager III full specifications

Compared with the Fire, the new RCA Voyager III is unattractive and really slow. 

So, customers who are having a tight budget and want a cheap tablet should probably go for Amazon’s Fire tablet.

The design on the new RCA Voyager III is very unattractive. It has an all-plastic design that feels pretty cheap.

But, once again, we should not expect more from a 50 dollars tablet. But, we should also say that the company should have hidden the three highly visible screws present on the tablet’s bottom edge.

Those huge screws look very ugly and between them there are the power button, the headphone jack, and the volume rocker.

There is also a speaker added on the back of the tablet, which is not attractive either. This speaker has come with a grill that has large holes, which means that it can enter a lot of dust and even food crumbs.

Of course, these cheap tablets often come with an ugly design, but the companies are also trying to hide the cheapness from them.

However, the Amazon Fire tablet probably has the most acceptable design. But, for checking emails and reading a PDF file, we should say that the new RCA Voyager III is just fine.
RCA Voyager III Tablet Review: Does it really worth it? Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 4:45 PM Rating: 5
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