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Sennheiser has released the new HD 1 Wireless In-Ear

Sennheiser’s new Bluetooth earphone model comes with a powerful audio performance and an elegant design.

It seems that the company comes with a new wireless earphone model. We are talking about the new
HD 1 Wireless In-Ear. This new model features an interesting new design aspect that the company didn’t use before.

The new HD 1 model comes with a form of a leather neckband. This design will definitely attract a lot of customers, especially with its black and red colors. Customers will be able to buy the new Sennheiser HD 1 Wireless In-Ear at the price of 199 US dollars.

We must say that this model also delivers an incredible sound, offering a good bass-forward sound signature. So, with a good-looking design and a powerful performance, customers will have a complete Bluetooth earphone model here.

In the last couple of years, neckband-style earphones have started to gain success on the market. But, we must say that this design is not for everyone. Especially people who are often using lots of thick scarves or hoodies.

But, compared with other models on the market, we must say that the new Sennheiser HD 1 Wireless In-Ear is the most luxurious one. This band comes with a black sheepskin leather, accompanied by red stitching. 

Moreover, the ends of this band are covered in matte black plastic, offering a nice contrast color. As for the earpiece, it is very shiny, being made out of chrome and is accompanied by flat red cables.

Inside the earpieces, customers will find dynamic drivers that deliver at a frequency range of 15Hz-22 kHz. But, this new model is not only good-looking.

The new Sennheiser HD 1 Wireless In-Ear also has some interesting new features. For example, when people will receive a phone call, the neckband will vibrate, notifying users that they have a call. Moreover, people will also get vibrating notifications when they pair the earphones or turn them on or off.

We must say that the Bluetooth pairing is very easy to make. But, the best part here is that the new Sennheiser HD 1 Wireless In-Ear also comes with NFC. This means that the earphones can be paired by just tapping them.

Moving forward, we must say that the control section can be found on the inside left end of the device.

There, people will find a status LED, a typical three-button panel, and the power button. Moreover, there is the control volume, and if people will hold the buttons for two seconds, they will turn into track navigation.

Customers should also know that there is a central button that works as a playback, but can also be used for incoming calls. If users will tap this button twice, it will mute the microphone.

To be added that the mic is also situated near the control section. Customers will also have a micro USB charging cable inside the box, which can be connected to a panel situated on the left end of the new Sennheiser.
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