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Sonos Playbase New Wireless Soundbase Home Speaker for TVs

We are talking about the new Sonos Playbase. This new device is small in stature, but big in sound. Moreover, the new Sonos Playbase is considered to be the best alternative to a soundbar.

Customers who want to wall-mount their TV, should know that the best way to pop up the sound a little bit is using soundbars.

Sonos Playbase new superior Wireless Speakers
But, customers who are opting for a more traditional entertainment stand setup, should know that soundbars are not the perfect choice for them.

These soundbars manage to always get in the way or even grab a lower portion of the TV’s screen. Moreover, these soundbars could block the infra-red sensor which allows people to make use of their remote controls. So, this is when soundbases are coming into play.

These soundbases are having the mission to pull double duty: delivering a great sound while acting as a platform for people’s TV.

These speakers can also slip perfectly under the TV's display. People will probably think that these soundbases are very practical and everyone will opt for a speaker like this.

Well, it is not like this. There was a time when soundbases were ultra-popular, but time past by and these devices were forgotten. Companies like Sony and Yamaha have given them a shot, but it seems that customers weren’t impressed at all.

Well, here is another chance for soundbases to shine. Sonos, the most popular manufacturer when it comes to portable speakers, has decided to build a soundbase.

We are talking about the new Playbase. This is probably the best reason for customers to buy soundbases again. Let’s talk about unboxing a little bit. Without a doubt that Sonos knows how to wrap a device.

Moreover, the company knows what sort of customers it is targeting. These kind of customers want to feel special when they are unboxing a 700 dollars device. After the box was removed, customers will see the speaker and a one-page instructional pamphlet.

After the unboxing was done, the new Sonos Playbase is ready for action. This is a flat speaker that measures just 2.28 inches high.

At first sight, we must say that it is hard to image that a speaker like this could sound big. But, without a doubt that Sonos worked its magic at this speaker and added six mid-range drivers and three tweeters.

Moreover, there is an invisible subwoofer that is placed deeper inside the cabinet. Each of these powerful drivers come with their own Class-D amplifier, for 10 digital amplifiers in total.

To be added that the new Sonos Playbase stretches 28.35 inches wide and approximately 15 inches deep. This means that it is enough room for any popular TV base design. The company claims that this new soundbase can handle up to 70 pounds.

To be added that this speaker weighs approximately 18.85 pounds. The company also allows customers to adjust bass and treble independently, engage a night-listening mode for times when someone sleeps nearby, and add dialog enhancement.
Sonos Playbase New Wireless Soundbase Home Speaker for TVs Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 8:12 AM Rating: 5
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