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UE Wonderboom Speakers Review - Enjoy Summer In Waterproof Style

The new Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is an affordable tiny Bluetooth speaker that comes with a waterproof feature.

First of all, we must say that this speaker is what people will need during the summer vacation. The new Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is perfect for using it by the pool, on the beach, or in many other places.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Bluetooth Speaker waterproof ready
Moreover, this Bluetooth speaker is also very portable, due to its tiny design. We know that it is not so easy finding the perfect Bluetooth speaker that could be used for outdoor activities.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom: A New And Powerful Compact Portable Wireless Speaker

To be suitable for outdoor activities, a speaker should be very portable, powerful, and to have waterproof features. So, this new speaker seems to check all those goals.

Moreover, being an outdoor speaker, the new Ultimate Ears Wonderboom should also be resistant to certain hits and drops.

Well, the company claims that its new speaker also comes with shock resistance.

It seems that the company wanted to make the perfect outdoor speaker that could resistant to knocks, mud, and water. So, the new Wonderboom is somewhere near the company’s other waterproof and shockproof Bluetooth speakers.

But, the best thing about this speaker is that it is cheaper than the company’s high-end speakers. Moreover, the new Wonderboom is louder, more portable, and cheaper than any other competitor on the market.

Out of the box, we must say that the new Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is a simple tiny speaker and the package reflects that.

This Bluetooth speaker comes with a bungee loop that is attached to it. This bungee loop is perfect for hanging the speaker to a backpack or on other places.

Moreover, customers will find a book of instructions included into the box. There is also a little diagram placed on the box’s interior that informs people how to power the speaker and connect a smartphone via Bluetooth.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom powerful bluetooth waterproof speaker

A good thing about this speaker is that it ships with a flat USB micro cord that could be used for charging.

Moving to the design, we must say that the new Ultimate Ears Wonderboom comes with a simple and decent design. This speaker features a squad cylindrical body, and rubberized plastic over its top and bottom.

Moreover, there is a mesh grille that covers that middle of the speaker. We should mention that the grill is made of waterproof fabric. For controls, customers will find the “UE” button that is placed on the top of the speaker, accompanied by a power button, and the volume buttons.

Inside the speaker, the company added two 40mm drivers, plus two passive radiators. The USB micro port is placed on the bottom of the speaker and is protected by a small tab.

The company ensures customers that water won’t get into the internal electronics. So, practically, the new Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is like many other UE speakers that the company has released, but much smaller, featuring a short cylinder body. The company also claims that the battery life will go up to ten hours of use at 75 percent volume.
UE Wonderboom Speakers Review - Enjoy Summer In Waterproof Style Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 10:45 AM Rating: 5
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