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A New All In One Sound Bar From Samsung - The HW-MS650

These days, Samsung has released a new HW-MS650. This new soundbar comes with a powerful sound and a great pack of features.

Soundbars have great popularity these days on the market. But, these devices also have a huge minus. People don’t want soundbars to be so imposing in front of their TVs. Instead of making the soundbar smaller or invisible, it seems that Samsung made the subwoofer invisible. So, Samsung comes with an all-in- one soundbar, which is called the new HW-MS650.

This new speaker has an integrated onboard woofer. This means that customers won’t receive an extra additional woofer box. We must say that it is a good idea, especially if the sound is powerful. As we know, we have seen these kind of models on the market, for example the Zvox-SB500. Zvox’s model delivers a bass-rich sound.

But, in Samsung’s case, we must say that the bass is not as powerful as it should be.

Unfortunately, Samsung doesn’t allow users to place an additional woofer, in case they don’t like the soundbar’s bass. Instead, the new Samsung HW-MS650 comes with a high number of connectivity, plus the ability to pass-through 4K HDR.

So, for customers who are in search for a soundbar that is easy to setup, we must say that the new Samsung HW-MS650 is the right choice. Another great thing about this soundbar is that users will be able to stream music via Bluetooth from their devices, for example the smartphone.

The new Samsung HW-MS650 is available at the price of 450 US dollars. At this price, Samsung’s new soundbar rivals with other powerful names on the market, for example Zvox and Yamaha. As for design, we must say that the new Samsung HW-MS650 looks like many other soundbars on the market.

This means that this device was designed not to draw attention when placed under the TV. The company added a gun-metal body, which looks great. Moreover, there is a black steel grille situated on the front.

On the right-hand side of the device, customers will find the control panel. This panel homes controls like a power switch, volume buttons and input selector. It is worth mentioning that at the front right, users will find the corresponding LED display. This display will show volume levels and inputs.

Unfortunately, the new Samsung HW-MS650 doesn’t come with an onscreen display. This means that customers will have to use either the Samsung Multiroom app or the LED display in purpose to adjust the device’s settings.

The new Samsung HW-MS650 measures 3 inches high, which means that it won’t block the TV’s infrared sensor. Samsung’s new soundbar also comes with a remote control. This clicker is stylish and it looks similar with other remotes that the company has released.

This remote offers controls like bass level, volume, and a settings button. To be added that inside the box, customers will find a pair of wallmount brackets. This means that the new Samsung HW-MS650 can be wall-mounted. Customers should know that this soundbar weighs approximately 13.5 pounds.
A New All In One Sound Bar From Samsung - The HW-MS650 Reviewed by John Colston on 2:26 AM Rating: 5
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