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A New Tiny Bluetooth speaker Released by Sony For The EXTRABASS Series

We are talking about the new SRS-XB10. This new tiny Bluetooth speaker comes with a canister-style design, being very compact.

For starters, we must say that the new Sony SRS-XB10 looks amazing. This grenade-size look always has a great attraction to the public. This new device is considered to be the smallest and most basic speaker that the company has ever created. Of course, at this small size, we think that the bass is not so great.

But, it seems that Sony managed to add a bit more bass compared with other competitors on the market. Another great thing about the new Sony SRS-XB10 is that it is available in numerous colors. But, the main model comes in black, which is obvious for Sony. The company claims that this speaker is water-resistant and that the battery life is amazing.

To be added that the new Sony SRS-XB10 comes with other extra features that customers will be happy to have. For example, the detachable strap, which means that the speaker can be used to be hanged in the shower or on a backpack.

But, the strap can also convert into a stand for the speaker when customers will place it in horizontal mode. Moving forward, customers should know that they will be able to pair two of these speakers and use them as stereo speakers for their laptop or computer.

Compared with many other Bluetooth speakers that Sony has released, we must say that the new SRS-XB10 doesn’t come with special lighting effects. This means that customers won’t get great lightning effects using an LED perimeter line-light.

As for the performance, customers should know that the new Sony SRS-XB10 doesn’t offer a powerful sound. Of course, its size makes sound be so limited. Sony’s new tiny Bluetooth speaker sounds pretty mono and it doesn’t get better at all. At higher volumes, the speaker distorts, which makes it very unpleasant for users’ ears.

However, this doesn’t mean that the new Sony SRS-XB10 is a bad speaker. This speaker has a little punch to it and it sounds decent if users are listening to acoustical music or less complicated tracks. As many other tiny speakers, the new Sony SRS-XB10 is also strong in the midrange levels, which makes it perfect for podcasts or movie dialogues. To be added that the new Sony SRS-XB10 comes with a soft-to-the touch rubberized finish.

The material is really good, but in time users will see that it will attract a lot of dust. But this rubberized material is great when it comes to gripping. This material will keep the device from sliding down at higher volumes.

The new Sony SRS-XB10 also has some serious competitors on the market. As we know, there are more expensive Bluetooth speakers on the market that are louder and more powerful than Sony’s new speaker. We are talking about the JBL Flip 4 and UE Wonderboom. Customers will be able to buy the new Sony SRS-XB10 at the price of 58 dollars.
A New Tiny Bluetooth speaker Released by Sony For The EXTRABASS Series Reviewed by John Colston on 2:44 AM Rating: 5
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