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AirPods New Competitor - We present Skybuds: Water Resistant Wireless Earphones

These days, a new competitor for the AirPods has arrived on the market. We are talking about the new Skybuds.

Skybuds Water Resistant Wireless earphones
This new model comes with a water-resistant feature, which is a good welcome for customers.

Moreover, these wireless earphones sound pretty good, and they are very easy to operate. In the last two years, a large number of wireless earphones have arrived on the market. The new Skybuds are among these models.

Customers will be able to buy these new earphones at the price of 200 dollars. We must say that Skybuds are among the best models on the market.

These wireless earphones have the power to distinguish themselves from the crowd with their high performance and design.

Customers should know that the new Skybuds are available in three colors. Moreover, the new Skybuds come with a few software updates compared with the previous version.

Customers will be able to use the free companion Skybuds app, which is available on both Android and iOS. 

This app comes with extra features, for example a “Find My Skybuds” feature that will be useful when users will want to locate their Skybuds.

Moreover, customers will have a pass-through sound mode that will introduce ambient noise inside in. However, the best part about the new Skybuds is that they are very simple.

These wireless earbuds work and sound pretty good. As we know, not every kind of wireless earphone model comes with a decent sound or with a stable connection.

Skybuds: Water Resistant Wireless Earphones

With the new Skybuds, customers won’t have any problems pairing them with their phone or other devices. We must say that these earphones have the power to maintain a strong connection.

Another thing that customers will want to know is if these new wireless earphones are comfortable. Well, we must say that the new Skybuds are very comfortable to use.

Of course, the new Skybuds are not as comfortable as their main competitor, Apple’s AirPods. But, customers should know that the new Skybuds manage to stay in the ears securely.

Moreover, users will be able to wear them during workouts without any problems. The company claims that these eraphones are sweatproof, which represents a huge plus. The new Skybuds also come with a battery case.

This device will be used for charging, but customers will also be able to store the buds inside. The battery life will go up to approximately 4 hours of use at moderate volume levels.

This is a very decent number, considering the fact that Apple’s AirPods have a similar battery life. But, customers should also know that Skybuds’s case will give them an extra five charges.

Another main competitor for the new Skybuds is Bragi’s The Dash Pro. We must say that Bragi’s earphones are much more advanced, featuring a built-in heart-rate monitor and touch controls.

However, with the new Skybuds, the company decided to keep things simpler. This fact is probably a plus for the company, because not always customers are in search for something complicated that has a large number of features.

AirPods New Competitor - We present Skybuds: Water Resistant Wireless Earphones Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 11:38 AM Rating: 5
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