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Alcatel Releases a New Budget Phone: The A30

The new Alcatel A30 is a really inexpensive device. This new phone comes with a crisp display and has expandable storage.

Customers will have to pay approximately 59 US dollars in order to purchase the new A30. But, to be noted that the new Alcatel A30 is available exclusively from Amazon. The good thing is that this phone is available in GSM or CDMA models. Moreover, people will receive solid 4G LTE network connectivity, crisp HD display, and an up-to- date Android software.

So, we think that the 59 dollars price is very good, considering what this phone can do. But, the new Alcatel A30 also has a few lacks. For example, it comes with a short battery life, the performance is not so great and the camera is not quite a killer deal.

However, for the 59 dollars price, customers should not ask for more. The phone is available in 2GB/16GB storage configuration, but it also has an expandable storage option. To be added that the 59 US dollars price is available only for Prime-subsidized version, which means that it also has a few ads installed. Customers will also have the option to go for the ad-free version, which is available at the price of 99 US dollars.

Moreover, they will also have the opportunity to opt for the GSM model, which works on T-Mobile and AT&T. But, there is also a CDMA version, which works with Verizon. Unfortunately, there is no Sprint version, but we think that three huge carriers offer enough support for this new device.

Let’s move to the design. The new Alcatel A30 comes all covered in polycarbonate and it features a silver plastic band along the sides. Moreover, the back panel is made out of textured gray. We must say that it feels quite solid and sturdy, despite the fact that it has a plastic body.

To be added that the new Alcatel A30 measures 5.6 x 2.8 x 0.3-inches, which is similar with other competitors on the market, for example the ZTE Avid Trio, and it weighs approximately 5.1 ounces. The good thing about this phone is that customers will be able to use it with one hand.

On the right side of the phone, customers will find the power button and the volume rocker. Moving forward, on the bottom, there is a USB charging port, while the 3.5mm headphone jack is placed on the top of the phone.

Another plus for the new Alcatel A30 is that the back panel is removable, and customers will also find a microSD card slot there. The phone can go up to 256GB card storage. The new Alcatel A30 comes with a 5-inch, 1.280 x 720-pixel display, which is bright enough and the text looks pretty crisp.

Under the hood, customers will find a Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 processor, which is clocked at 1.1GHz. Moreover, there are 2GB of RAM, which means that it can manage multitasking.
Alcatel Releases a New Budget Phone: The A30 Reviewed by Unknown on 5/07/2017 03:54:00 AM Rating: 5

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