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BlackBerry has released the new KeyOne

The new BlackBerry KeyOne comes with an incredible physical keyboard. Moreover, this new phone has a long battery life and great performance under the hood.

The new BlackBerry KeyOne is available at the price of 549 US dollars. This company comes with the first practical keyboarded smartphone. It seems that BlackBerry has managed to create a smartphone that works well with a physical keyboard.

Customers will be able to use this new smartphone without any weird feelings that they are using a physical keyboard. Moreover, the company didn’t make any hardware compromises, which is another great thing. So, the new BlackBerry KeyOne is a great messaging companion, and it is recommended for BlackBerry fans.

At the first sight, customers will probably say that they are happy with their software keyboard. Yes, a keyboard touchscreen is great, but let’s not forget about how great it was with those physical keyboarded devices.

We are still five senses creatures, which means that the touch is one of those senses. So, using a physical keyboarded device is still a great feeling for us. However, devices like Samsung Galaxy S7 that come with a huge screen also offer a great software keyboard, which means that typing is great. But, the new BlackBerry KeyOne is for those people who still have nostalgias about physical keyboards.

So, let’s talk a little bit about the new BlackBerry KeyOne. As we mentioned, this new device is available at the price of 549 dollars. This is not the first smartphone that BlackBerry released with a physical keyboard.

As we know, the company also released the Priv, which was available at the price of 395 US dollars. Unfortunately, that model was not so great and the keyboard didn’t feel right. Moreover, the Priv was too big and it didn’t suite well with the keyboard. The new BlackBerry KeyOne seems to be more solid and has a grippy back. So, when holding in hand, the new BlackBerry KeyOne feels pretty good and well-balanced.

Customers should know that the new BlackBerry KeyOne measures 5.8 x 2.8 x 0.4 inches and weighs approximately 6.2 ounces. So, yes, the new BlackBerry KeyOne is for those who have bigger hands, in order have no problems while texting. As for the design, we must say that the new BlackBerry KeyOne looks exactly like any other model that this company has released.

It comes with a four-row black keyboard that looks very shiny. Moreover, there is a 4.5-inch screen that features 1.620 x 1.080-pixels.

On the side of the phone, customers will find the volume rockers, plus an action key that can be used for the Messaging Hub.

Another great thing is that customers will find on the space bar a fingerprint sensor. This sensor is pretty accurate and fast, which means that users will be able to easily unlock the phone. To be added that the keyboard is also touch-sensitive. So, customers will be able to use it as a cursor pad by swiping forward and back.
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