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Google Jamboard Review - Strong Competitor for Microsoft’s Surface Hub

The best thing about the new Google Jamboard? Well, it is available for less money than the Microsoft Surface Hub.

As we know, Microsoft’s Surface Hub is available at the price of 8.999 dollars. This is a way too expensive price for business users or companies.

These days, Google came up with an alternative to Microsoft’s device.
We are talking about the new Jamboard.

Google Jamboard an alternative to Microsoft’s device
This board is available at the price of 4.999 dollars, which is more affordable. This new device comes with a 55-inch screen, which was especially designed for business users.

Google Jamboard is more like a digital whiteboard. However, customers will need to know that these devices, including the Jamboard and the Surface Hub, were not designed to serve as personal devices.

These huge whiteboards were built for businesses and to be used in conference rooms or communal areas.

The new Google Jamboard has the mission to combine video conferencing and business collaboration software with a digital whiteboard.

This new device doesn’t come with a huge storage space, because this device is not for saving documents on it, but rather in the cloud. To be added that this board is more like a Google G Suite software, but with a huge touchscreen monitor.

Moreover, with the new Google Jamboard, customers will be able to use all the Google’s G Suite apps, for example Google Maps and the Chrome browser. This new board is built on a custom version of the Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Customers will be able to log into a Jamboard session, through the device itself or via companion Android and iOS apps. It seems that the new Google Jamboard doesn’t come with a Microsoft companion app.

Users will be able to write or draw on the new Google Jamboard with a passive stylus. But, customers who don’t have a stylus should know that they could use their finger as well.

Another good thing to know is that the new Google Jamboard is compatible with any stylus on the market, which means that it doesn’t require a specific model. As we know, Microsoft’s Surface Hub requires proprietary stylus.

Using the new Google Jamboard is very easy. Anyone that has a G suite account will be able to use this digital whiteboard. They just have to click on the screen and start a session. Moreover, people who started the session will be able to invite anyone that has a G suite account to participate.

Another great thing is that anyone that has the Jamboard companion app installed on their tablets or smartphones will be able to make markings, edits or to participate in the session via Google Hangout.

People who don’t have the Jamboard app will be able to attend the session by clicking on a web link.
As we mentioned, the new Google Jamboard comes at the price of 4.999 dollars.

For this money, customers will receive a 55-inch, 4K monitor that offers wide angles that refreshes at 60 Hertz. As for connectivity, the new Google Jamboard offers HDMI 2.0, USB 3.0, USB type C, an Ethernet input, and a Sony/Philips Digital Interface Format audio connector.
Google Jamboard Review - Strong Competitor for Microsoft’s Surface Hub Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 5/25/2017 06:15:00 PM Rating: 5

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