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Instant Games on Facebook Messenger Available WorldWide Now

It seems that Facebook has some new gifts for its users. We are talking about Instant Games, which will allow users to play numerous games together.

The social media giant is finally moving its Messenger into the games area and allowing users to play no-download HTML5 “Instant Games.”

Facebook Messenger Instant Games - a better social experience

Instant Games was released in November in the US, but now Facebook makes it globally available. Another good thing about this move is that users will have approximately 50 games to play, including 8 Ball Pool and Pac-Man.

But, that is not all, because Facebook will release two new features that were presented at the F8 conference earlier this month. We are talking about the fact that developers will be able to make game bots that communicate with players about rewards and new levels.

The second new feature is that Instant Games are able to support turn-by-turn games. As we know, all games support single-player games with score leaderboards, but with this new feature it all changes now.

The first game that supports this new feature is Zynga’s Words With Friends. So, this means that Zynga will allow simultaneous chat, and it is perfect for the messaging app.

Another great thing about these new games on Facebook Messenger is that Blackstorm Labs will launch an artificial intelligence chatbot for its EverWing games.

Facebook Messenger instant games launches globally

This means that people who play this game will be able to communicate with a Gamebot straight from the Messenger. Moreover, players will be able to message the EverWing Gamebot just like they are talking with a real friends.

To be added that players will have the possibility to control certain games mechanics directly from the chat interface.

When it comes to Gamebots, Blackstorm was as excited as we were from the very first day. Our teams worked closely together to find new and unique ways for players to interact with Instant Games, and we’re so excited to see what they’ve built on their first try.

For example, Everwing’s Gamebot makes it easy to track and manage side quests, and elegantly complements the main in-game experience. We think players will love this new type of interaction, and we expect other games to start integrating these best practices soon,” has declared Andrea Vaccari, Messenger Games lead and product manager, in a statement.

At this moment, the EverWing Gamebot has a couple of roles that it has to play. For example, narrating adventures and offering social power-up awards. Sticking to the narrating role, we must say that this Gamebot will chat updates to payers describing the details of their quests.

“The new AI chat bot in EverWing is going to completely revolutionize the way that players are able to interact with the game. Messaging and gameplay — which are typically separated across two completely different worlds — have been fused together to create a whole new user experience that our players love. I’m thrilled to have been able to work closely with Facebook to develop these new features.

The whole Messenger team has been a great partner and together we’ve pushed each other to expand what is possible for EverWing, and Instant Games,” declared the co-founder and CEO Blackstorm, Michael Carter, in a statement.
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