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Microsoft Surface comes with Windows 10 S

These days, Microsoft has released a couple of new things for its customers. We are talking about a new Surface laptop that rolls a new kind of operating system, the Windows 10 S.

Microsoft Surface 2017 laptop with Windows 10 S

The new Microsoft Surface laptop will be available at the price of 999 dollars, and it is recommended for students and executives. “Societal change requires more than technology,” wrote Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, in a statement.

“I’m here today as a heretic,” declared Satya Nadella this week at a special event held in New York City. He was there to promote Microsoft’s massive education push.
We’re under no illusion that technology alone is the answer to transforming education,” he added. 

Microsoft Surface Laptop sideview and specs review

Surprisingly, he said nothing about teachers and parents, who can also be the key to children’s education.

However, we agree that putting the right tools in the hands of kids also represents an important tool for their education.

Moving forward, it seems that Microsoft is coming with a new laptop and a new operating system. Of course, the star of this release is the new Windows 10 S.

This new operating system has the mission to compete with Google’s increasingly popular ChromeOS.

We are talking about budget devices here. The result of the Microsoft’s new OS? Well, as for interface it looks a lot like Windows 10, but in the end they are two very different operating systems. Let’s find out more.

We start with the good things about the new Windows 10 S. The biggest selling point to this new OS is the performance. If customers are wondering for what “S” stands out, well it stands out for “Speed.”

So, this means that the new Windows 10 S is very fast. The company claims that this OS will boot in just 15 seconds, which is amazing.

The new 10 S is built from the same core as the original Windows, but it is running on lesser hardware configurations. This means that it is able to run on cheaper PCs, which is another good thing, especially for customers who don’t want to spend more on a laptop.

To be added that the new Windows 10 S can be installed via USB with preconfigured options. This is another huge plus, especially for students, because it is a big time saver. Moving forward, we must add that Microsoft declared that the new Windows 10 S is a big battery life saver.

The company claims that the new Surface Laptop that runs the 10 S can go up to approximately 14 hours on a single charge. To be added that the new laptop comes with a 13-inch 1080 touchscreen display.

In the end, we must say that the new Windows 10 S is not only milk and sugar. Because, this new OS also comes with a few limitations.
For example, the new Windows 10 S wouldn’t run software that users will have to install from the desktop. This means that users will not have Firefox, iTunes, or Chrome.
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