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The new Microsoft Surface Pro Upgrades - Ultra-thin Tablet & Laptop

Without a doubt that customers have been waiting for a long time for Microsoft to upgrade its Surface Pro device. Happily, the waiting has ended, because the new Surface Pro is here.

During the waiting period, we must say that Microsoft has released other couple of interesting new devices. We are talking about the Surface Book and the Surface laptop.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 thin tablet and laptop
But, there have been other competitors on the market that have released some interesting new devices, too.

As we know, Lenovo has released the new MIIX 510, Samsung has released the Galaxy Book, and Huawei the Matebook.

We must admit that Microsoft has managed to make a whole new device concept, the 2-in-1 model. If this was the main goal for Microsoft, it seems that the mission is accomplished here.

These days, customers had a new surprise. Microsoft has decided to upgrade its Surface Pro device.
Microsoft Surface Pro Update 2017 new version

This new device is the successor of the Surface Pro 4. But, the company didn’t name it Surface Pro 5 or other similar names. 

No, it seems that Microsoft has decided to name it simply, the Surface Pro.

This means that the company decided to drop the generational number from the title. So, customers will have to be careful to not confuse it with the 2013 model, which was the original version of the Surface Pro lineup.

Moreover, we also must admit that Panos Panay, Microsoft’s Surface chief, was not joking when he declared to the media that:
There is no such thing as a Surface Pro 5.”

So, let’s move to details. What is new on the Surface Pro compared with the previous version? 

For starters, we must say that the new Surface Pro comes with the latest seventh-generation Intel Core processor.

This means that customers will be able to choose from Core m3, Core i5, and Core i7 chips.

Moreover, Microsoft’s latest device also comes with a thinner and lighter chassis, measuring approximately 8.5mm thick and weighing approximately 1.68 pounds.

Another great thing is that customers will be able to opt for a fanless design for the Core i5 and m3 models.

Microsoft also decided to redesign the stylus, which means that it went to 4.096 level of pressure. As we know, the previous stylus model had 1.024 levels of pressure.

Customers should know that the screen size remains the same as the one of the previous device. The ports are also the same, which means that customers will receive a proprietary power plug, accompanied by mini-displayPort, microSD, and USB-A connections.

Moreover, the company ditched the old-school pocket-protector clip for the stylus. Unfortunately, the stylus is no longer included into the box, which means that customers will have to pay 99 dollars for it.

So, in the end, we must say: who needs a laptop when they will be able to buy and 2-in-1 device? This means that users can have a laptop, which also transforms into a tablet. It seems that Microsoft managed to demonstrate that a tablet could replace a laptop.
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