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1More Quad Driver - The Best Model For Bass Lovers?

This new headphone model will definitely satisfy all the customers who love to listen to hard bass tracks.

As we know, last year we were very surprised when we heard about the Chinese audio brand 1More. This company released the Triple Driver in-ear headphones, which offered a very powerful and well-balanced sound. The best thing about the Triple Driver is that the company managed to make a really powerful tiny headphone model by adding a low end and two dual balanced drivers inside. This way, 1More managed to build a warm and full bass sound, accompanied by stylish design.

Moreover, the Triple Driver model is still available at the price of 100 US dollars, which is a really good price for a headphone like this.

These days, 1More came with a new model on the market. We are talking about the Quad Driver. This version was built after following the audio brand blueprint, but adding a new driver into the structure.

The new 1More Quad Driver comes with greater treble clarity and a richer definition. But, the thing is that the new 1More Quad Driver also comes at 169 US dollars. This means approximately double compared with the Triple Driver model.

So, the question is if people should opt for this new model or choose the first model, the Triple Driver? Well, we must say that the new 1More Quad Driver comes with better audio quality, great design, and many other features.

Out of the box, customers should know that the new 1More Quad Driver comes with similar packaging as the previous model. This means that customers will receive a book-style box with magnetic seal. Inside, users will find several eartips in both foam and silicone. We are talking about nine pairs of eartips, in multiple sizes.

To be added that the earphones arrive in a good-looking cardboard, accompanied by cables and a texture leather case with magnetically sealed lid. Moreover, there is a standard quarter-inch adapter and a brushed-metal cable clip.

Moving to the design, we must say that the new 1More Quad Driver is very similar with the previous model. But, this new model also has some changes. For example, the new Triple model’s Kevlar-core cable has been changed with a new oxygen-free copper cable. Moreover, the plastic three-button mic piece has suffered some new changes.

The new mic is now made out of aluminum, which means that it has a much simpler design and a stronger build. In the end, we must say that the aluminum housing also had some new improved changes. It seems that the company upgraded it with “tungsten textured accents.”

So, as we mentioned earlier, the new 1More Quad Driver comes with one more driver compared with the previous Triple Driver model. This means that alongside the bass and lower mid-range drivers, the new 1More Quad Driver comes with a carbon driver. Moreover, the company called this driver “Diamond-Like.” This new driver tackles ultra-high frequencies providing cleaner definition in the upper register.
1More Quad Driver - The Best Model For Bass Lovers? Reviewed by John Colston on 9:33 AM Rating: 5
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