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Chromecast Audio is the best audio streaming device

Google managed to create another great audio streaming device. As we know, Chromecast Audio is the best option for users who don’t have receivers or speakers with Bluetooth options.

A couple of years ago, people didn’t think about a device that offers the possibility to control music in every room of their house.

Moreover, if that device would have been available, it would have cost many thousands of dollars. But, that idea changed when Sonos released its first device.

Chromecast Audio best audio streaming service at the best price

We are talking about the Sonos Play:1, which was released at the price of 200 dollars. That was the first speaker that people have been able to control with a phone app, transforming the smartphone into a wireless remote.

But, years have passed and Google came up with a revolutionary and very cheap solution.

The company has released its first Chromecast Audio. This release has happened in 2015, and customers were able to buy this device at the price of 35 dollars.

This means that Google managed to take the lead in ultra-affordable multiroom Wi-Fi audio market.

Moreover, this year, Google came up with another great device.

We are talking about the Google Home, which is available at the price of 129 dollars. This speaker also has voice control, which is a really great attraction.

This means that people are able to talk with the voice assistant and ask it for weather, traffic, and many other information. But, we think that the great attraction here remains the Chromecast Audio.

This great device is available at the price of 35 dollars, and it is one of the greatest upgrades that people can make into their home. With this device, customers will be able to pair any receiver or speaker to their smartphone.

This means that users can stream audio through these devices. Moreover, the Chromecast Audio has the ability to stream any audio from an Android device. This device is a little bit larger than a rounded biscuit, which makes it look like a hockey puck.

Chromecast Audio comes with a 3.5mm-optical port and a short 5-inch 3.5mm cable. This cable will be connected to the Aux input on users’ hi-fi system, or any other portable speakers.

Another great thing about this device is that it supports full optical digital connections. The second port found on this tiny hockey puck is the Micro-USB port that can be used for connection to the included power adapter.

We must say that the Chromecast Audio is the best alternative for other high-end devices on the market. We are talking about the Sonos Connect, which is available at the price of 350 dollars.

Customers will be able to receive the same feature from a tiny puck that costs only 35 dollars. But, people who want something more sophisticated can go for the Google Home smart speaker, which is available at the price of 129 dollars.

In the end, we must say that Chromecast Audio has the ability to support a high number of Android and iOS apps, for example Spotify, Google Play Music, iHeartRadio, and YouTube Music.
Chromecast Audio is the best audio streaming device Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 2:36 PM Rating: 5
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