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CTL NL61TT Education Chromebook Now Comes with a Reinforced Lid

CTL comes with a Chromebook built for education. This new laptop is dedicated to students and it has a body that resists drops. The new device also has a carrying handle.

As we know, Chromebooks are a little bit different compared with usual laptops. The things that set them apart? Memory, processor, and storage. Moreover, Chromebooks come with lower resolutions and smaller screens.

CTL is known as a company that is specialized in classroom Chromebooks. This company managed to make a really good laptop that is dedicated to students. One of the main features of this new Chromebook is that the back of the display doubles as a whiteboard.

This means that while users are focused at the screen, children or other people could personalize or write something on the lid. To be added that this whiteboard can be used with dry-erase markers.

Another interesting fact about the lid is that the company declared that it can withstand up to approximately 365 pounds of pressure before the screen fails. Moreover, its body can withstand drops and bumps.

So, without a doubt that this laptop is very attractive for both children and parents. Children will be happy for the whiteboard situated on the lid, while parents will appreciate its durability.

Moving to the design, we must say that the new CTL NL61TT measures 0.88 x 11.7 x 8.4 inches. This means that this laptop is a little bit chunky, compared with other competitors on the market. For example, Dell’s Chromebook 3189 measures 0.8 x 12 x 8.1 inches.

Another huge attraction is the pull-out carrying handle that is hidden between its hinges. This means that customers will be able to carry the new CTL NL61TT like a briefcase. The strange thing about this laptop is that it doesn’t have a Chrome logo situated on the lid as many other devices have.

But, to be added that there is a CTL logo, and it is the only thing on the laptop that looks fragile. After customers will open the lid, they will see a dark grey keyboard accompanied by a palm rest. To be added that the keys are black and that trackpad features a dark grey color.

The new CTL NL61TT comes with an interesting webcam as well. What is so special about it? Well, customers will be able to rotate it. So, users will be able to make pictures to the room or to a friend across the table. However, we must say that the pictures that are made are typical webcam ones.

A huge minus is the lack of a USB-C port. But, we must say that this laptop comes with a large variety of ports. On the left side of the device, customers will find an HDMI port, a connector for the AC adapter, an audio jack, a USB 3.0 port, and an SD card slot. Another USB 3.0 port can be found on the right side.

Under the hood, the new CTL NL61TT comes with a 1.6GHz quad-core Intel Celeron CPU, 4GB of RAM, integrated graphics, and 32GB of eMMC flash storage.
CTL NL61TT Education Chromebook Now Comes with a Reinforced Lid Reviewed by John Colston on 3:05 AM Rating: 5
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