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Element EL4KAMZ17 comes with Alexa integrated

This new TV has something special on it. The new Element EL4KAMZ17 comes with Alexa integrated, which makes it more attractive than any other TV on the market.

Imagine a TV which you can talk to and ask a bunch of questions, while it is able to answer back. It sounds great. Well, the new Element EL4KAMZ17 has this feature. This TV has the power to play music, control thermostats, turn off lights, and get the weather. All these great features could be accessed thanks to Alexa.

This TV is the first Amazon Fire TV edition, and people have just good feedback about it. The first good thing is that it has a built-in assistant that can accept users’ voice commands. Users will just have to ask the TV for their favorite shows, or to change channels on antenna broadcasts.

But, customers should know that the new Element EL4KAMZ17 also has some issues. The first issue is that people will have to press a button placed on the remote to be listened by Alexa. So, users will have to press a button and say “Alexa, play the latest episode of House Of Cards.” 

Unfortunately, saying that without pressing the main button won’t work. But, people who already own one of the company’s smart speakers, for example Echo Dot or Echo, are lucky. Why? Because, the company is adding the ability to control Fire TV devices via one of these speakers. Unfortunately, Amazon didn’t make on official announcement about this fact.

Another problem is that the new Element EL4KAMZ17 works just like a TV that has an Amazon Fire Stick with Alexa Voice Remote plugged in. As we know, the company’s stick costs only 40 dollars.

Customers will be able to add this stick in any TV and get approximately the same functionality, but without 4K streaming. Moreover, customers who don’t want TVs with built-in 4K streaming could also go for TCL’s Roku TVs. However, the new Element EL4KAMZ17 will make sense if customers will really want Amazon’s Fire TV system and Alexa voice control over other competitors on the market.

Then, all these features will make sense and become attractive. To be added that this TV has a superior antenna functionality.

So, let’s talk about the remote. The new Element EL4KAMZ17 requires people to talk into the remote, which is a little bit weird. It seems that Amazon managed to make smart speakers that you could talk to without using the hands, but for TVs you have to press a button on the remote.

However, remotes with microphones are not a premiere on the market. We will find the same feature on the Apple TV and its Siri remote. We must say that it is a good idea to integrate Alexa into a TV and ask it to show you the weather, play a specific a movie, or play a song. But, it will be much better if we could talk directly to the TV, without being forced to press a button on the remote.
Element EL4KAMZ17 comes with Alexa integrated Reviewed by John Colston on 2:44 AM Rating: 5
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