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JLab Block Party - The Perfect Speaker For Home or At The Pool

JLab Block Party is a very powerful speaker that offers a high-quality way for customers to fill their rooms with sound.

Wireless multiroom speaker systems are starting to gain a lot of attraction on the market. These speakers offer a very powerful sound, but they also have some drawbacks.

The first thing is that these multiroom speakers are very pricey, which means that customers will have to pay hundreds of dollars for each speaker.

Another minus is that customers will find these speakers very difficult to use. Why? Because, these models usually require connection to users’ home network.

Moreover, they come with a very complicated app to operate, and sometimes customers will have a hard time finding a compatible streaming application. Another minus is that these speakers are not so travel friendly as many other wireless models on the market.

JLab knows these issues and that is why its new Block Party model tries to resolve some of them. As we know, these days, JLab has released two incredible wireless multiroom speakers on the market. We are talking about the Block Party and House Party models.

Today, we are talking about the Block Party speaker. This new speaker managed to get rid of the network-based multiroom setup. This means that the new JLab Block Party will operate through an old fashioned way, Bluetooth.

Moreover, this new speaker has a self-contained 5.8Ghz wireless network, which will allow it to communicate with other speakers that will be paired to it.

The new JLab Block Party is also the larger speaker, compared with the House Party model. This new speaker is also powerful and portable, which is another attraction. The company managed to add a very warm and balanced sound, which will make it a huge competitor with other models on the market.

To be added that the new JLab Block Party is also water resistant. This means that customers will be able to use this speaker while they are at the pool or on the beach. This new speaker comes with a very simple box, where customers will also find a couple of accessories. Inside, the company added a user guide, a bright blue micro USB cable, and a power cable.

It seems that customers will not receive a 3.5mm aux input, which means that they will have to buy it themselves. The new JLab Block Party measures 6 x 5.4 x 5.5 inches and it is covered with metal mesh on three sides. On the back, we must say that this speaker is rubberized with black plastic.

The new JLab Block Party is very elegant and has a very simple design, which is a good thing. As we mentioned, the new JLab Block Party is water resistant. The company claims that this speaker is an IPX4, which means that it is not suitable for a full-on submersion. Customers will also find a rubber seal at the back that covers a USB port, a 3.5mm input, and the charging port.
JLab Block Party - The Perfect Speaker For Home or At The Pool Reviewed by John Colston on 9:49 AM Rating: 5
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