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KEF LS50 Wireless Speakers - Test Review Reveals an amazing clarity

These new speakers are perfect for audiophiles who are looking for a clear sound. The new KEF LS50 Wireless comes with a firm bass response and outstanding balance.

The new KEF LS50 Wireless is composed by two mini monitors.

KEF LS50 Wireless Speakers review test
These speakers are packed with an amazing technology that can also be found on the company’s impressive Blade speakers.

However, the new KEF LS50 Wireless features an incredible tweeter design, heaps of patents, and a well-build look.

These features managed to make these speakers deliver a rock sound. Since KEF’s speakers have been released, we must say that a high number of audio engineers and sound enthusiasts made all kind of positive reviews about them.

Without a doubt that many audiophile customers will want to check these new speakers out, especially for their hi-res and Bluetooth streaming features.

Customers will be able to buy the new KEF LS50 Wireless at the price of 2.199 dollars. This means that these speakers cost approximately 700 dollars more than the originals. So, these mini monitors seem to be in a very interesting position.

KEF LS50 Wireless Speakers Sound Test Review

This price tag makes customers think if the new KEF LS50 Wireless is worth a chance, or they
should stick to the original model. Well, we must say that the word “wireless” is the headline here.

 Adding a wireless feature to the speakers will always be a good selling point. But, this doesn’t mean that those non-wireless speakers won’t be attractive anymore.

As we know, customers will be able to make everything wireless these days. They just have to buy Google’s Chromecast Audio at the price of 35 dollars and they will turn any speaker into a wireless one.

Moreover, the receiver market is filled with devices that offer built-in streaming features. So, this means that the new KEF LS50 Wireless has to offer more than that. And it does.

These new mini monitors come with a great app, a minimalist design, and custom-crafted internal amplification. The last one has the mission to create the kind of precision and clarity that can’t be found on other speakers.

Sound Test for  KEF LS50 Wireless Speakers  Unboxing Review

Inside the box, customers will find two mini monitors that weigh 21 pounds apiece. To be added that the right speaker weighs an extra half pound due to the internals.

So, the right speaker comes with multiple wired inputs, basic digital controls for speaker placement, and a subwoofer output. To be added that on this speaker, customers will also find a good-looking touchpad that includes input selection and the volume controls.

Inside the box, users will also receive the CAT-6 cable that ties the two speakers, a miniature matte remote, and the needed power cables.

Moving to the design, we must say that the new KEF LS50 Wireless comes with a minimalist look. The woofers feature electric shades of gold, blue, and red.

The more people will look at these speakers, the more they will get intrigued. In the end, we must say that the app is very useful and supports Wi-Fi streaming from users’ device library. This means that people can play music from Spotify Connect, Tidal, and from their own music library.
KEF LS50 Wireless Speakers - Test Review Reveals an amazing clarity Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 8:04 AM Rating: 5
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