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Lego Boost - App Review of the Best Robot for Kids

Customers will be able to build five unique creations using regular Lego pieces. Moreover, users will be able to customize these creations and program them to do all kind of interesting stuff.

First of all, customers should know that they need a tablet or a phone to connect this new robot. Its app works on both Android and iOS devices and customers will receive access to assembly instructions as well.

But, we must say that in-app instructions can become a little bit confusing, which is a minus. Another issue is that customers will need to dismantle one robot before building the second one.

Lego Boost robot works on Ios and android

But, we must say that the new Lego Boost is really attractive and customers will have a good time struggling to create something interesting. Following the instructions, users will need some time while they create a robot that can be controlled via an app.

So, hours later, customers will be happy to see that they have managed to create a robot. After the robot was made, users will have to pair it with a phone or tablet with Bluetooth. This creation has proximity sensors and motors, and it is the best Lego kit that customers has ever seen.

As we know, Lego has released another kit like this in the past that was called Mindstorms. But, compared with the previous kit, we must say that the new Boost is dedicated to younger crowds, including kids between 7 and 12 years old.

This kit comes with Technic-type pieces and standard Lego bricks. This means that these robots can be customized with other Lego pieces. That’s what makes it so attractive.

Moreover, we must say that this kit is more advanced than what customers might think. So, the new Lego Boost comes with a central Bluetooth connected motorized hub. To be added that customers will also find two separate modules inside the box.

The motor is used for the robot to be able to raise its arms, turn its head, or make tread moves. One module has an additional motor, while the other module has sensors that measure color and proximity.

Customers should know that inside the box they will receive 840 pieces. Moreover, they will be able to buy the new Lego Boost at the price of 160 dollars.

The good thing about this kit is that customers will be able to make more than one robot. In fact, they will be able to create five unique robots and customize them, as well.

One of these attractive creations is Vernie. Customers will be able to create Vernie in approximately two hours, by following over a hundred of steps on their tablet app. We must say that this app comes with a sound board that has a high number of phrases and effects.

Moreover, users will be able to create an electric guitar. The good thing about this guitar is that it is playable. This guitar doesn’t have its own speakers, but it plays if it is connected to a tablet.
Lego Boost - App Review of the Best Robot for Kids Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 2:36 PM Rating: 5
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