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Nokia released two new phones, called Nokia 3 and 5

These new phones come at very affordable prices and customers will notice that. The best thing  about these phones is that they run on Android.

The Nokia 3 model is the most affordable. This new device runs on Android and it is available at the price of 156 US dollars. The first thing that customers need to know is that the company doesn’t have any plans to bring this phone to the US. The biggest problem of this phone is the poor processor performance.

The new Nokia 3 comes with a quad-core chip that has serious problems keeping up with the stock version of Android Nougat. This means that while swiping around, customers will notice an interface sluggish. Moreover, there are delays when opening apps, for example Google Play Store.

Moving to the design, we must say that Nokia 3 looks pretty decent. Customers should know that this device has a slim body and narrow bezel. Moreover, this device is pretty compact and very comfortable holding in one hand. This device comes with a 5-inch screen that features a 720p resolution. This screen is just enough to display the essentials and has a very crisp image.

Moreover, there is an 8-megapixel camera situated on the back that makes decent quick photos on a bright day.

But, customers should know that the photos lack vibrant colors and exposure balance. To be added that the company claims that the battery life found on the new Nokia 3 can go up to 10 hours of use. But, this number will be reached if customers will just use the basic, for example texting on WhatsApp or sending a few emails.

So, we must say that customers won’t need to buy the new Nokia 3 if they want something more from a smartphone, for example playing games or doing multitasking.

On the other side, the new Nokia 5 is a little bit expensive compared with the Nokia 3. This phone comes with a metal design, and a slim body. To be added that it has a 5.2-inch screen that features a 720p resolution. We must say that its display is not very sharp, which means that it is only enough to see the details.

Customers could use this phone for reading online or sending emails and chat with friends. Another great thing about the new Nokia 5 is that it comes with a fingerprint sensor. This sensor is situated below the screen and it can double as a home button as well.

Just like the Nokia 3, the new Nokia 5 is also an Android-based device. We are happy to see that Nokia ditched its own operating system and went for the Android one. This means that customers will have plenty of apps and a nice and clean interface. On the back, Nokia added a 13-megapixel camera that makes sharp photos and has a great exposure balance. Of course, the colors are not very bold, but good enough to make a few outdoor pictures.
Nokia released two new phones, called Nokia 3 and 5 Reviewed by John Colston on 3:17 AM Rating: 5
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